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Little League Elbow

A story of apophysits, avulsion fractures, and betrayal...

josh mark

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Little League Elbow

A tale of traction apophysitis, avulsion fractures... Etiology Prevention Assessment Management Diagnostic Testing Epiphyseal Growth Plate
-6 ossification sites
-15 or 16 year old
-muscles vs porosity
-micro avulsions Specialization
-year round
-multiple teams
-no recuperation
-AAP - 30 & 3.5 Pitch Type
-curve & breaking
-flexion & pronation Androgeninc Hormones
Balance shift
-body mass
-power Limit Pitches

Ban Pitches
-torque Warm up
-upper/lower Technique
-need for speed? ...and betrayal little league elbow Education
-PPE Neuro Physical Exam Special Test Palpation Palpate serious?
-avulsion surgery for > 5mm
displacements cast early detection
-minor s/s?
-treat? rest, ice, NSAIDs
ROM < 5mm
-nonunion surgery #1
> 2 mm surgery #2 - excise & suture
-6 subjects surgery #3 - osteotomy
-osteo dessicans X-ray or Radiograph
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