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See how viz. names brands

The viz. naming process, in partnership with AIGA members

Marc Braunstein

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of See how viz. names brands

Designing a brand name:
How the viz. process works (in a nutshell)

Chestnuts are the 4th most popular nut in the world. They have high food value, are low fat, gluten-free and are consumed as nut meat, in seasonings, butters, flours … even beer.

Here in the U.S., tall, majestic Chestnut trees spread their leaves in abundance...until the early 1940’s when almost all were wiped out by a deadly blight.

At a large Midwestern university,
agronomists are working with
growers to bring back
the American chestnut.
While investors see an opportunity to grow a large, profitable food processing business around it.
viz. was asked
to create a brand name
for the new business.

Here’s how we did it.

We started at the roots by agreeing upon a small set of keywords
that precisely describe the new company

After evaluating and filtering names against established criteria
(such as descriptiveness, distinctiveness, sound, and symbolism),
six to eight semi-finalists are selected for the company's consideration
viz. believes in naming
from the inside out
starting from the central meaning of the business, product or service, then expanding outward to discover unique expressions
of that meaning.

Moving from the descriptive to the more abstract.
Before presentation, all names are checked by category using the United States Trademark Database.
In this case, the company knew a great name when they saw it,
and viz.'s design partners began the transformation of the name into the brand.

A brand representing not only the food products the company would be selling, but the rebirth of the American chestnut industry.
Like to know more?

Visit www.viznames.com

Email marc@viznames.com

Call Marc Braunstein @
Then we introduce concepts that expand upon those keywords,
and add new ideas derived from the company's strategic positioning, ambition and personality.

Hundreds of name candidates are generated, using a combination of linguistic techniques and software
tall, noble, majestic
proud and resilient
"roasting on an open fire"
fat and gluten free
"beneath the spreading chestnut tree"
abundant and high yielding
American heartland
(in a nutshell)
verdant and natural
scalable, sustainable agriculture
harvest season
tradition and tribute
new growth from old
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