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Book talk

The Clique and The Total Tradegy of a Girl Named Hamlet

shabnam ferhad

on 22 March 2012

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Transcript of Book talk

The Clique! SUMMARY The Clique by Lisi Harrison is a realistic fiction book about friendship. The main character is Massie Block and Claire Lyons. The Clique is about a girl named Massie Block who is extremely popular at Octavian Country Day School. With her best friends Dylan, Alicia and Kristen they rule the school. Massie decides what's in or not. The day before the first day of school, Massie's dad's friend and his family were moving in her guest house. Her dad's friend's daughter's name is Claire which Massie hates.
The first day of 7th grade was terrible Massie thought because Claire had to tag along everywhere she went. To feel better after school Massie and her dad went for a walk with her dog named bean. While she was out for a walk Claire snuck into Massie’s bedroom and went on her computer. When she went on her computer Alicia was IM’ing Massie. So Claire decided to write back. After that day Claire went back every day when Massie went out for her walk. She then talked to Dylan and Kristen. She got Massie’s friends all mad at her because of what she would say to them. They all got into a big fight because of Claire. But Massie soon figured out what had happened and called all her friends to apologize and to have a plan to pay back Claire. OR The Total Tragedy of a Girl
Named Hamlet! Summary Part A The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet by Erin Dionne is a Contemporary Fiction novel. The main character is Hamlet. Hamlet is a regular 13 year old who is completely different than the rest of her family, well she thinks she is. Her parents admire Shakespeare and her 7 year old genius sister Desdemona (dezzie) is attending middle school with her.
The first day of school went crazy because she had to run all over the school to help her sister get to the classes she needed to go and not to mention she had to get to her own classes. Hamlet was supposed to do a play in her English class about Shakespeare. She was so upset because she didn't like Shakespeare, her parents re enacted Shakespeares plays she had enough of him. When she read out loud her teacher had told her she had to speak to her at the end of class, so that’s what she did.
Mrs. Wimple, her English teacher, had told her that she had a talent. She said that Hamlet could read Shakespeare clearly and perfectly. But Hamlet was mad she didn’t want to be like the rest of her family. Her teacher wanted her to be a big part of the play. At first Hamlet refused, but later on she wanted to do it. She realized that being good at something that isn’t necessarily cool doesn’t mean she cant like it. The play went great and her parents were so proud of her, everyone was.
MASSIE BLOCK ALICIA RIVERA DYLAN MARVIL KRISTEN GREGORY CLAIR LYONS OUT IN OR PRETTY COMMITTEE Part B In the Clique Claire tries to fit in but it is very hard because of her being new to school and Massie, being the most popular girl in the school, not liking her. This reminds me of the book the Total Tragedy of a Girl named Hamlet because it is hard for Hamlet to fit in too. It is hard for her because of her talent (reading Shakespeare). Also people make fun of Hamlets name because it has ham in it.
Another connection is that in The Total Tragedy of a Girl named Hamlet, Hamlet has a smart little sister named Dezzie. Even though she may be smart she is very annoying. In the Clique Claire has a little brother named Todd who is really annoying too. He eavesdrops, drives his sister crazy and bothers her everyday. They both have little siblings who are annoying.
My last connection is that in The Clique Claire people in her school dislike her which is Massie and Massie’s friends. In The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet people don’t like her either, which are popular girls in her school too named Mauri and Saber. They both learned they don’t need to be like them to fit in.
Part C In The Clique there was a part of the book where Claire went in Massie’s bedroom and went on her computer without permission. At the end Claire got caught, she did what she did because she wanted to be cool and popular. I think the main message/theme of this section is that don’t try to do things just so you can be popular. I know how Claire felt because when I came new to the school I wanted to fit in. To fit in I tried to be like them and do what the other people did. In The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet there was a part of the book where Hamlet didn’t like how she could read Shakespeare. But later she was proud of the talent she had. I think the main message/theme of this section is that everyone may not like a talent or a feature of themselves but you should always be grateful and thankful for them. I think it’s important that you should like the talent or feature because no one is perfect. Part D Massie’s pay back was worth it. She used 5 way on the phone to trick Claire and prove that it wasnt Massie on the computer it was Claire. A couple of days later Massie’s mom had a party/auction at their house. She had fun dancing and hanging out with her friends until the end. Her father was drunk and was going to sing so he can raise money for the school, so was Claire's dad. Massie and Claire were so embarrassed they ran away from the party until they stopped singing which was about one hour. Massie spent one hour with Claire and couldn't believe that she actually liked her. Will Claire be in the pretty committee with Massie, Alicia, Kristen and Dylan or will she still be a LBR (loser beyond repair). In the book The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet I really liked the part where Dezzie came to Hamlets school because it made her life harder. But at the end she had it all under control which made me feel more confident. I didn’t like how the story didn’t have that much drama. It was mostly about Hamlet handling herself, her sister and her school at the same time.
The Clique is an amazing book that I really enjoyed reading. My favorite part of the book was when Claire went on Massie’s computer and said really rude things to her friends and then Massie found out. I liked this part because I love drama in books it makes me feel like I’m really there. I didn’t like the part when Massie was being rude to Claire. For example when Massie was having her sleepover she embarrassed Claire in front of all her friends. I didn’t like this part because Claire was trying to be nice to her. Also Claire was new and I wouldn’t like it if someone did that to me if I were new.
I also liked at the end when Massie started liking Claire because I never thought she would. I was really surprised when this happened. It was a really good book and I would recommend it to the students of Westney Heights. This book is a series called the Clique there is 17 books in the series.
Lisi Harrison Erin Dionne Thanks for listening!
By Shabnam I think that The Clique is a great book and more people should read it. I think that people should read it because if your a new kid at your school this book will teach you what to do and what not to do. For example Massie kept ditching Claire. But Claire kept following Massie. That's something you shouldn't do, follow someone around if it's obvious they don't want you. But Claire than stopped following her and meet better friends who were nice to her, and Massie got jealous. Massie just ignored them and carried on with her friends. That's something you should do. There are way more stuff in the book to tell you what to do and what not to do. So therefore i think that people should read The Clique by Lisi Harrison!
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