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Art in Literature

No description

Jennat Alamara

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Art in Literature

Art in Literature
Art in

By Jennat, Maha, Banin, Haya and Nadine
Literature represents languages and people; culture and tradition. Literature isn't just a historical or cultural artifact; it introduces us to new worlds of experience. We learn about books and literature; we enjoy the comedies and the tragedies of stories, poems and plays. Ultimately, we may discover meanings in literature by looking at what the author writes and how.
Literature is almost always seen as an art form. It is something that is meant to sweep you away from the stressful real world, periodically. Literature is a worldwide perspective, place, time, and world. The languages used in literature are just a way to pass on information to others. In a way literature is a time capsule of information being passed down for generations, a vital means of communication. It is a more solid and concrete form of oral wisdom.
Literature is important to humanity because it speaks to us. Even when ugly, literature is beautiful.
Art inspires you to create literature.
Art in literature helps the reader make connections between ideas, express the author's emotional effects and help express the main ideas and forms in the story. Effective words, phrases and techniques in literature are also considered art.
Art is expressing yourself through different means of communication. Millions of people find comfort in expressing their art through literature. Using literature has many advantages being;
it helps the reader understand the story as it progresses. E.g: In your childhood days you used to read picture story books filled with pictures which influenced you to read the story and see the pictures, a they explained part of the story. Sometimes half of the story is in understanding one picture. As the saying goes; ' a picture is worth 1000 words.'
It gives the reader a visual into the author's mind. Art in literature helps the reader build their mental image of the character/s. E.g: A picture of a character will be inserted in the book to describe the character's appearance due to a lack of explanation.
persuades you to read/invest into the piece of literature. The drawing in the book and the form of language is all Art. Art in literature propels you to read what is in the story.

Even authors have their own way of writing which makes their stories quite spectacular; Shakespeare, Macbeth, Beowulf, etc are all examples of that.

Art and Literature are an escape from the predicaments of life. It is in Art / Literature that we lose and find ourselves. Art and literature are both powerful and ancient ways of communication, and when used together they create true masterpieces.
Thank you for watching!
Any Questions?
What is art? This is a question that anyone can ask. What is art? We hear about art everywhere, but we never thought about what it was. Art is basically a way of living. Art is happiness, smiles, music, entertainment, love, poetry, inspiration and most of all, Art is being yourself. Art is not just about drawing or painting, it is also about how you do and enjoy things.
Art is around everywhere around you, in school, at home, in shopping centers...literally everywhere ! The thoughts or ideas of a person is considered art. Art is the individual's way of expressing what cannot be expressed in simple words. Some people express themselves through painting, drawing, singing, poetry and even short stories. Gathering ideas and grouping them together to create an even bigger ideas is also a type of art because your are making something special in your own way. Others think that art is 'used' or 'made' just for the sake of 'learning' or 'education', but in my opinion art is a way of enjoying yourself . Art is essential in our lives, after all; The 'E
h' without
is just 'eh'
What is literature?
what is art?
What do you think of literature? Do you find it interesting or just for education purposes? In my opinion, literature is a combination of both entertainment and education because you can read a book or even a magazine while getting information that you might not have known in an enjoyable manner. Some writers use multiple languages in their stories, books, poems, etc, which ultimately helps the reader in learning a new language effectively. To others literature is fun as you actually enjoy what you are discussing or learning while acquiring new information and wise morals.
Is Literature Just HOMEWORK?!?!
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