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Ancient China Mind Map

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Gabe Boldt-Smith

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of Ancient China Mind Map

Ancient China
War and Weapons
ancient china was the first civilazation to make a semi-automatic weapon called the nu, a crossbow that could shoot 10 bolts in under fifteen seconds in the right hands.they were also the first to make rockets using ignited gunpowder.
the first grain that people in ancient china ate was rice. they often boiled it in hot water or made rice wine.
Culture and myth
in ancient china it was believed that the change of the seasons was the work of the zhangwei mountain god or candle dragon. when he closed his eys it would become night and became day when he opened them.
the wealthy in china often dressed in expensive clothing made with silk and had elaborate designs and was soft.
the poor wore clothing that was made of cotton and was very rough
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