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What is a Synogogue By Allira and Giselle

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Elizabeth Harris

on 22 November 2017

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Transcript of What is a Synogogue By Allira and Giselle

Synagogues have three main purpose. They are:
1. What is the symbol that is always seen at a Synagogue?
The Symbol that is always found in a Synagogue is the Star of David. The star of David is a famous Jewish symbol that represents King David in the bible.
2. The word Synagogue means........
The word Synagogue means a means a building where people go to pray.
3. What is a Rabbi's role?
A Rabbi's role is to be a teacher of Torah and teach people about it.
Why do jewish people not touch the Torah with their finger?
1. House of meeting 2.House of prayer
3.House of studying
Which way does the 'ARK' face? Why?
The ARK faces east because that is where Jerusalem is.
Jewish people don't touch the Torah with their finger because it doesn't show respect and it can smudge the handwritten letters.
Explain the Menorah
The Menorah is a seven branched candle and is the oldest symbol of the jewish faith.It represents the light of God.
The Torah is.........
What is the Shabbat?
The Torah is a scroll that has jewish scriptures on it.

The Shabbat is the service, song and reading in the Synagogue.
What is a Synagogue?
By Allira and Giselle
What purpose does the Eternal light have?
The purpose of the Eternal light is that it that it always hangs above the ARK and is always lit.
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