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Intro week at TUOS

International Travel; it's not for Administrators?

ian munton

on 9 April 2010

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Transcript of Intro week at TUOS

Intro Week 2009 Revelations for me…
Intro Week @ TUOS The Student Services Department The info point was extremely busy during moving in weekend, and quietened down as the week progressed.

“Directions, eatwithus cards, community cards, internet probs, registration probs and enquiries”

“Would have been difficult without living there before e.g. for info about post and directions to uni/broomhill”

“Most people needed to be directed to the main desk”
The Edge The Ridge Students had to make an obvious move to come and speak to us rather than just passing through.

Number of enquiries dropped dramatically as the week started, leading to us cancelling the event on Wednesday. “Although busy, we had to stand up and actively talk to people. Better placement i.e. not away from the door could have helped”
“Too many staff from Uni, Union , ACS all doing the same thing”
“Both the Ridge and the IC should have been open to register computer accounts”
“A refreshments trolley at registration events; if students in the queue were able to buy food/drink it would make them less grumpy and probably bring in a lot of money”
“Students seemed happy to chat as it gave them something to do and they could ask all the questions they had”
“Felt really valuable, chatted to many people in the queue, answered lots of questions”
“Lack of a response from many students, but those who did chat seemed pleased to”
“Slightly more difficult as the students were Erasmus and postgrads so were much less willing to talk”
“Answered questions about finance, helped sort documents”
“It would be useful to be provided with more info about registration for postgrads and foreign students.”
Registration - Goodwin Professionalising Recruitmnet & Training Extended reach across campus Reduction of activites where duplication Increased no.s at inclusive events For 2010... Increased partnership Working within our budget Increased/enhanced pre-arrival information Blended recruitment Focus on Transition & Induction
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