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15 years from idea through concept to launch

Keli Winters

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of TFBHistory

Currenly Evan-Moor's # 1 selling product.
15+ years in the making
sold more than any other single title in our history as a company.
9 years of data-entry, organizing, designing, and cataloging content
The site launches in February!
Evan-Moor launches Teaching-Standards.com
"Bill, I have this concern..."
Evan-Moor starts offering ebooks for download
from Evan-Moor.com
Keli attends a session on this new portable document format that Adobe Systems is offering.
"I've had this idea of taking our books, dividing them up into individual chapters, and offering them as downloads..."
When asked what he thinks is the future of educational publishing at a publisher's round table, Bill replies:
"Books will become a part of an online database of content. "Teachers will be able download only what they need. "
From Concept, through Launch, and Beyond
"PDFs are going to change the way publishers send files to press."
hired our first web developer to work on our web sites, and dedicated more resources to making TFB a reality
started playing around with design
continued to flesh-out the navigation
2003 was the year we:
hired a part-time editor to begin building descriptions, categories, and sub-categories.
sent out older titles that didn't have electronic versions to be scanned.
made some preliminary decisions about how teacher's would be able to find what they needed.
started discussions about pricing and how the site would keep track of "units."
began development on the initial navigation.
Between 2000 and 2003, we:
"What if we thought of TeacherFileBox.com not as a shopping site, but as a file server, where the teacher would be able to build folders and store her units on our site."
...without our correlations :(
updated the site's design
added 4,000 teaching units (50,000 activities)
improved searching and browsing
produced "How To" videos
customize the interface for each state
...and launched the ability to search by standard!
This year we've:
"Can we sell PDFs of our books as an alternative format to the print version on Evan-Moor.com?"
6,000 teaching units
30,000 activities
a teaching unit filing system
an lesson-planner with the ability to attach teaching units to events
a journaling tool
We launched the site with:
"We can make that happen!"
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