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Introductory presentation for professors at SMU

Aliaksei Patsevich

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Ethics

[eth-iks] - Greek tà ēthiká ETHICS Ethical Training ABET Requirements: Undergraduate Curriculum Student Personal and Professional Development Industry Insights and Needs Personal: Eliminate Plagiarism Create more powerful and impactful learning experience Develop a Design Format As a private, comprehensive university enriched by its United Methodist heritage and its partnership with the Dallas Metroplex, Southern Methodist University seeks to enhance the intellectual, cultural, technical, ethical and social development of a diverse student body. - "SMU" (undergraduate catalog) Southern Methodist University will create, expand and impart knowledge through teaching, research and service, while shaping individuals to contribute to their communities and excel in their professions in an emerging global society. Among its faculty, students and staff, the University will cultivate principled thought, develop intellectual skills and promote an environment emphasizing individual dignity and worth. SMU affirms its historical commitment to academic freedom and open inquiry, to moral and ethical values, and to its United Methodist heritage. -"the mission of SMU" (undergraduate catalog) SMU- High Ethical Standards ETHICAL A system of moral principles Recognize an ethical dilemma
Understand what ethics is not
Discover different ethical standards
Understand the facts then analyze the issue from different perspectives A Framework for Ethical Decision Making Relevant to life and Lyle Curriculum
Seamless, modular, speedy integration
Engaging, interactive and informative
Accommodates learning styles
ABET “Turn-key” solution
for addressing ethics Module 1- analyze and interpret issues using an ethical decision making framework
Module 2- explore and identify the ethical dilemmas in the university environment
Module 3- explore and identify the ethical dilemmas in the workplace
Module 4- analyze and interpret issues inherent in the Code of Ethics for engineers Experiential learning model to help
students engage and apply
knowledge Our Team LEARNING
Facilitator Guide
Role Play Activity
Supporting Materials Content 10 minutes to introduce students to the different approaches to ethics

Engaging Prezi Content
Four sections that enable faculty to deliver content to diverse learning styles.
1 – Help students make a personal connection
2 – Lecture (Framework)
3 – Case Study Role Play – Coaching
4 – Future Application & Assessment Content PowerPoint (Teaching Content)
Ethical Approaches/Concepts
Decision-making Framework Content A Framework for Ethical
Decision Making MODULE ONE MODULE ONE Facilitator Guide MODULE ONE Common Good
Fairness/Justice Rights
Utilitarian Virtue MODULE ONE 50-80 min.
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