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08.02 CCC Chart and Reflection

No description

Christina Bates

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of 08.02 CCC Chart and Reflection

08.02 CCC Chart and Reflection
By Christina Bates
The Wall Comes Down
Causes - When the Soviets gained a new ruler, Mikhail Gorbachev, he let the people have freedom from the suppressive government.
Course - Gorbachev decided to create two new programs that would help with reforming the country, this led to a new relationship with the US, and led to the signing of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty of 1987.
Consequences - The diminished power of the Soviet Union led to the downfall of the wall, along with the reunion of Germany.
US Central Intelligence Agency
Causes - Created to protect oil access in the region and to help create US support in the border of Soviet Union.
Course - Ayatollah Khomeini forced the shah to leave and took control of Iran in 1979. He hated the US and dictated by Islamic law. Iranian students fearing that he would return to power invaded the US Embassy in the city of Tehran and took over 50 American hostages.
Consequences - This lasted 444 days, with the US seeing on television the anti-American hatred, until they released the hostages on Inauguration day.
Causes - The economic program was based on supply-side economics which helped people keep more of the money they earn.
Course - The four pillars supporting the policy were to reduce the growth of government spending, federal income tax, capital gains tax, and government regulation.
Consequences - While the policy seemed to be for the good of the people it only really worked for the richer Americans.
Population Growth
Causes - With encouragement many Americans began moving to the west because of low population which stemmed new factories.
Course - More Americans moved west for better opportunity.
Consequences - Economy went up with growth of jobs and population.
Technological Advances
Causes - Wanted to be able to do more with technology.
Course - Computers become more compressed and advanced, with more personal functions. In 1977 the first Apple computer for hone use was sold along with Atari's first video game console.
Consequences - At this time there were not many consequences to the technological advancements, but in recent years many have said it actually restrains and disables us.
Causes - Businesses had there factories set up in different countries so they could pay them less and save money.
Course - With the expansion of this idea many Americans lost there jobs to relocation of the factories outside of the US.
Consequences - Americans from the Dust Belt were forced to migrate to the Sun Belt looking for jobs and lower taxes.
Just Say No
Causes - This effort was to try and inform and prevent kids/teenagers form using drugs.
Course - With Public Service Announcements and teaching in schools the public became more aware of the effect of drugs, and the public experienced a high drop in usage of drugs.
Consequences - The use of drugs dropped in the Reagan Presidency but he was highly criticized for not emphasizing on any other important problems.
The Nicaragua Revolution of 1979
Causes - A group named the Sandinistas rebelled against their corrupt government, and decided to stop elections and receive aid from the Soviet Union.
Course - The opposing forces, Contras, were trained and supported by President Reagan.
Consequences - Even though congress banned supporting them Reagan still provided them weapons and foreign aid as well as privately donating.
Do you think President Ronald Reagan's policies had a positive or negative effect on the country overall? Explain response.
What do you think was the most significant event of the 1980's and why?
I believe that Ronald Reagan's policies had a positive effect on the US as a whole, in the end his relations with the Soviets helped bring to an end the Cold war and the threat of communism.
Definitely the technological advancements that were made. This time period is what leads us into making larger technological leaps, especially with personal computers.
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