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Kaela Reuell

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Wicca

What is the main purpose or belief of Wicca? Where did this religion originate? What rules and beliefs do "wiccans" live by? "Modern American Wicca has its roots in British Wicca, brought to the United States in the late 1950's by English and American initiates of Gardnerian, Alexandrian and Celtic Wicca. These are different forms of Wiccan tradition. All of these cultures form part and parcel of the history of Wicca." (History of Wicca - Ezine Articles) Wiccians accept that every religion is right to its adherents. There is no "right" or "wrong" religion, even if you happen to disagree with said religion. This can also be applied to accepting people of other backgrounds and races. It's accepting what's different and not judging it, or degrading it because it's different from your own ways and thoughts. Everything you send comes back times 3. This means that if you do good, good will come back threefold; if you do harm, harm comes back to you threefold. This, for obvious reasons, is often called the Threefold Law.
Harm None. This applies to the environment, other people, animals, yourself. Treat things with respect. Magic should only be used in times of need, and never for any harm. Magic can be used for personal gain, as long as you don't harm anybody. Magic can also be used to help others, and that is when (for me) it seems to work the best. Learn from all sources. You can use books, other people, nature, as long as you learn something. Knowledge can come from many surprising sources. This something can be scholarly, or spiritual. www.fortunecity.com I trust this source because it was written by a
wiccian and I found most of the same rules
and beliefs on other sites. I chose to study the religion of Wicca because I was interested
in the ways of their lives. Many people steer away from these people
because they fear the magic the wiccans do. They look at it like some type of evil religion. This also made me want to learn about it
because I wanted to see what everyone seemed so afraid of. Through studying the religion of wicca I learned that this is
basically a religion to appreciate the earth and it's surroundings.
They don't push their religion on you, and they use magic
for the good of people and themselves. Most of their rules
and beliefs seemed to be about respecting people and the earth.
I also learned that there are no churches unlike most of the other
religions. Practices are done at home, but they live just like any other
person in this world. People may fear this because they haven't really
looked into what "wiccans" are or what they do. I read a lot of comments
about wicca being like worshipping satan. I found that to be the completely
What I learned... The main purpose of Wicca is to
protect and have a spiritual
relationship with the earth. Wiccans treat
everything with respect. They also
don't push their religion on others. When a
child is born into a wiccan family they believe
it is their choice to find their meaning or religion
in life.
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