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"Wrap your Gift in a Gift

No description

Bjorn Chia

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of "Wrap your Gift in a Gift

Aim of the Project
Cost of Product
We calculated how much material is needed for each design of the gift boxes
We used our excel document and keyed in the surface area and the cost of the material needed to make the gift box.
Therefore, we got the cost price of the gift box with the selected material.


Surface area- l×b×6
Volume- l×b×h

Wrap your Gift in a Gift
Surface area-2(l×b)+2(l×h)+2(b×h)
Volume- l×b×h

(square base):
Surface area - l^2+4( 1/2×l×s)
Volume - 1/3×l^2×h

Surface area – 2(3.142r^2 )+ (2(3.142)r×h)
Volume - 3.142r^2× h
The materials used to make our gift boxes:
Kaiser Card
Coloured Card
We found the materials and its cost from a shop, spotlight.
Survey Results and Findings
We used 'SurveyMonkey' to determine some aspects of our gift boxes that would appeal to the larger portion of customers.
Credits to : SurveyMonkey(survey), Microsoft Word and Excel Document, iMovie(video),
Thank you for your kind attention!

Done by : Aretha(5),Sanhtar(10),Shalom(25),Jeremy(26), Hilman(34) and Titus(37)
To create a microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.
I will buy gift boxes that are made of environmentally-friendly materials
I will buy gift boxes that are related to the occasion
The price of the gift box does not matter if it is nice
Through this project work we have learnt to work better as a team. We met many difficulties and had lots of problems along the way but we managed to overcome them together as a group. We learnt a lot through this project and hope to do another one in the future.
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