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What Is My Situation?

1st Quarter Project (World Studies)

Victoria Olabode

on 1 October 2010

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Transcript of What Is My Situation?

What Is My Situation?! World Studies 1st Quarter Project I am a 9th grade student at Linden Mckinely High School. I am a citizen of Columbus, Ohio. What government do I live under? In the USA, I live under a democracy. The Leaders? What do I live under in the USA? What about our history and culture? Fed up with the Monarchy over in their former land, a group of people decided to break away and form their own country and government. They wanted Freedom, they wanted a voice, they wanted RIGHTS! Thus became... But at home,I feel like there's a dictatorship. My parents... Ladies and Gentlemen... Presenting, the world's newest government... Democracy has helped us discover great leaders like... Abraham Lincoln George Washington And Franklin D. Roosevelt Democracy is also turning others into powerful leaders, like... Barack Obama Where am I in the City, Country, and Continent? Better than Democracy!
More Organized than Anarchy! VICKIANCRACY What is Vickiancracy? Simple, it's a new form of government like Democracy and Anarchy combined. Queen Victoria (ME) will be the head of all! But I won't have absolute power! Any person will be able to make any kind of suggestion, complaint or desires and I'll be sure to listen! No matter how poor or nasty you might be, I'll make sure I have time to see you! Rules!
I will not have any form of slavery or abuse
Everyone has their own rights to anything they own (unless you give up ownership)
Anyone is welcome to suggest improvement
Violations for any laws I might have set will result in immediate imprisonment The world of Vickiancracy Now, if you ever want to know what my situation is! Just take a look at my Prezi! It seems that my reality is imaginary... Thanks for listening!
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