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Deep and Dark and Dangerous

a suspenseful ghost/mystery story

nikki bailey

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Deep and Dark and Dangerous

Background photo by t.shigesa Falling Action Exposition Ali is asked by her Aunt Dulice to watch Emma at the lake while Dulcie tries to finish up her painting but her mom,Clare doesn't agree with her going and tries to talk her out of it but her dad decides to let her go. My book is a suspensful mystery type book I know this because it leaves you hanging at all the suspensful parts. Rising Action DEEP AND DARK AND DANGEROUS
BY:MARY DOWNING HAHN Climax When Dulcie,Emma, and Ali arrive at the lake Ali tries not to notice how creepy everything is she tries not to hear the voices The setting of my book starts out at Ali's house with a strange picture she found in a old nancy drew book. The characters in my book are Ali,Emma,Aunt Dulice,Ali's mom Claire,Ali's dad,Sissy The conflict in my story is Ali finds a picture with her mom,her Aunt Dulcie,and another girl but neither mom nor aunt remembers..or do they? A strange girl named sissy appears and tries to be-friend Ali and Emma but when Sissy has to go she mysteriously disappears and they didn't see her for at least a week. Emma and Ali go to the neighborhood that they think she could have lived in looking for some answer from her but everyone around there says they don't know anyone with that name so they leave and go home. When Sissy reappears at the lake she takes Emma's doll and throws it into the lake knowing Emma couldn't swim and that she would jump in the lake after the doll and when Ali goes in the lake Sissy comes diving in behind her and then Sissy tells Ali and Emma you can't die twice. Sissy drowned and Emma kept telling Ali the bones the bones and Ali had no idea what she was talking about and all the sudden Sissy bones popped out from under the water! Resolution At the end Ali's Aunt Dulcie tells her a big secret that will leave her wondering why her mom never told her about that. memorable quotes:
'Stormy weather, a deep, dark lake,and many unanswered questions keep a mystery ghost story people turning right to the end' ~teensReadtoo.com symbols include: the red coat -clues of T.
the statue-has the name rest in peace on it.
the old boat-were T died. my opinion is the book is a really good mystery and i reccomend this for people who like mysteries
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