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Felix Mystery

No description

katie mc

on 11 November 2011

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Transcript of Felix Mystery

Felix Mystery...
Who killed Felix? By Katie McHugh and
Jennifer Dowling I am Felix Navidad, and I have been murdered... by Gene Pool, Alfredo Fettuccine, Kendra Goode, and Vera Cruise. Gene Pool Alfredo Fettucinne and worked together Kendra Goode Vera Cruise and worked together First Gene went for a walk on the beach with Sasha, or that's what he told me. Alfredo came on to the porch with me and he started helping me hang a new clock. We used the nails that were found on my crime scene, and had extras just in case. Meanwhile, Kendra went to my bathroom and I didn't see her for a while until she came out on the porch. But before that, Vera went outside and she told me she was going for a walk.
Gene going on a walk on the
beach with Sasha (his loyal dog)
was just his cover story for the
murder he and Alfredo were
about to commit. Alfredo just
pretended to be helping Felix
hang a new outdoor clock for his
home by the white trash can on the porch. After a little bit, Alfredo
convinced Felix to sit down with
him, take a break, and have a coke.
Kendra had told Felix that she needed to use his bathroom to take a shower but really
she was on an evil mission of her own.
Vera on the other hand who was working
hand in hand with Kendra told Felix she
was going to take a nice walk outside, in the back. But really, she went into the kitchen and made base ice cubes, poison.
But really... Then Alfredo convinced me to take a break from the clock. We couldn't figure out where to put the nail, or to hang it, so we grabbed some cokes from my cooler. We both poured them into cups, and set the cans down. Alfredo kept reaching over by me with his fist clenched when he thought I wasn't looking, but then turned around when he saw I really was looking. I saw a peak of Vera sneaking back inside my house, and towards the kitchen. From the porch window I saw her open the freezer and put something that looked like an ice cube tray in it. I heard the water turn on in the shower in my bathroom, and thought Kendra must be taking a shower. Still no sight of Gene.
Alfredo purposely made Felix stop
working and take a break so he could
poison him. When Alfredo was holding
his fist clenched over Felix, he was
really trying to crush the poison pills
and put them in his coke but he never
got the chance. When Felix thought he
had seen Vera sneeking into his kitchen,
he was right! Because of her 'chemist'
skills she was able to make the ice cubes in his freezer extremely basic to the point that someone who ate or licked them would die.
The water turning on was actually Kendra
turning on the shower and then sneeking
out to steal Gene's dog for part two of her
and Vera's plan. But actually... Black titles mean Felix's point of view Blue titles mean what the guests were really thinking and doing Next Alfredo and I finished a little sip of our cokes, and were talking. Vera came out on the porch with a tray of ice cubes, and asked if we wanted any. We both got some, but Vera put them in both of our drinks. It looked like she chose those ones specifically, but I didn't care. She then set the tray on the ground, and since it was so hot the ice cubes in our drinks and in the tray started to melt. I then heard the water turn off, and Kendra came through carrying her towel, a comb, and a bucket of paint with a paint brush. She set her towel down after she told me she was going to paint a picture on the beach. I thought that was normal, since she was an artist and all. But she set down the bucket of paint and it spilled on my porch. The paint brush fell by it and she said she would go out on the beach to get her canvas. Alfredo and I kept talking, and Vera went inside.
Alfredo and Felix really did take drinks but then came Vera who offered them ice cubes making sure to only give Felix the poisoned ones. After that Kendra turned off the water, grabbed a canvas and can of black paint that she had brought with her and snuck off the the beach (telling Alfredo and Felix who were on the porch that she was going to paint a picture on the beach.). She set her towel (that she forgot had her initals on it) and comb down on the ground and 'accidently' spilled her bucket of paint. She set her paint brush down next to it and told Felix she was running to the beach to grab her canvas. Felix didn't put together though that she had never even gone to the beach yet. She was really going back though to steal Sasha from Gene. Alfredo stayed and talked with Felix and Vera pulled a chocolate bar out of her pocket, and then threw away the wrapper. She went back inside and wiped her face with a paper towel. Then she wiped her face with a paper towel and when she set the towel on a table, it blew onto the porch.
After that...
After Alfredo and Felix talked for a few minutes, Kendra walked through the porch with Sasha and tossed Gene's cologne bottle in the trash can. Even though Felix thought it was a bit suspicious since Sasha only follows Gene, he didn't say anything. Once again, by 'accident', Kendra led Sasha through the paint trail and her tracks went all over the porch. When Kendra had gone to fetch Sasha, Gene had fallen asleep on the beach with his shoes off and sunglasses on, she grabbed one of his shoes and his sunglasses. Now she was wearing one of Gene's shoes making sure to only nakes prints with that shoe. (She placed his sunglasses on the table.) To lead Sasha away from Gene she grabbed one of her tennis balls from Gene's beach bag, sprayed it with his cologne which she also found in his bag and led Sasha through the house. Only by accident when she and Sasha were making tracks on the porch, Kendra dropped the tennis ball and it broke Felix's clock which was lying on the groud. She didn't pick up the ball, she just left it. Alfredo and I talked for a few minutes, and then Kendra walked through with Sasha, Gene's dog. I found that weird because Sasha only follows Gene. But she was holding a tennis ball and when they left, a trail of Gene's cologne was left. Then she tossed something in the trashcan. I guess she sprayed the cologne on the ball to get Sasha to follow her. Kendra led Sasha through the paint, but they split paths a little, making sperated footprints. Kendra had 2 different kinds of shoes on and sepped around differently than usually. But then she dropped it, maybe on accident or maybe not, and broke my clock that was lying on the ground. The glass broke and Kendra said sorry. She bent over it and I think she took a piece of glass. But she never picked up the tennis ball.

Really though... Before Felix could even comprehend what was happening, his face began to turn pale and he slowly fell to the floor. The poison had kicked in and Felix was dead. Both Alfredo and Kendra pretended to be utterly shocked though they both knew very well what had just happened. While Alfredo rushed over to Felix, Kendra casually dropped a clip-on earring framing the only one without their ears pierced. Kendra then dropped a note a few feet away from the body that said "Dear Martha, the deed is done. Felix is dead and I'll be rich soon. Love, Vera." All though Vera was supposed to be her partner in crime, Kendra wanted least evidence pointing to her as possible. But while she was doing this, some strands from her white cotton sweater fell off and on to the crime scene. Meanwhile, Vera put down the fake blood that they had mixed together.Gene had woken up on the beach and noticing that Sasha was missing, he immediately ran to go find her. Gene also noticed a green ice cube tray a foot or two away from the trash can. There was a slight trace of a white, dried substance where the ice cubes would have been. While he noticed this, he set down his sunglasses on the porch floor. But then... I started seeing spots, I felt my heart race, my blood start pumping, and then I fell to the floor, meeting my demise. But if I was still alive, I would be able to see Gene come back, Alfredo, Kendra, and Veracrowd around me and ask if I was really dead. I would see Kendra drop an earring and a note, They would talk about who did what, and find out they were all after my money. Then I would see Vera and Kendra mix up some fake blood, getting some white powder on their shoes. Vera would spread it around to make it look like I was mrdered violently, when in reality it wass the posion ice cubes in my coke. Alfredo pretended to scream for help at 3:00, that would be his cover story. But I knew they didn't care. Somebody dialed 911 for me, but it was too late and they knew it. The poison had taken effect. Vera then called 911 once again everyone actuing as though they knew nothing. 911 came and picked Felix's limp body up and all four of his 'friends' sported a depressed look and Gene even dripped a tear. After the ambulance left the house and the four friends were sitting alone, they decided that no one could find out what actually happened to Felix. Easily the FBI would be able to find out he was poisoned and after that the rest of the story was easy. So they all jumped in a car, drove after the van Felix was in, and just as the van pulled into the morgue, the opened the backdoors and snuck Felix out. They burried him right next to the flowers on his front porch. Sadly... THE
END! Finally... By Katie McHugh and
Jennifer Dowling Is Felix even dead?
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