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eBook EDET A637 Spring 2010

No description

Lara Madden

on 9 July 2010

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Transcript of eBook EDET A637 Spring 2010

eMerging tEchnology eBook Types: Adobe pdf Interactive Write Your Own gobongobooks.com lulu.com Gutenburg Project 1971 Michael Hart $100,000,000 Xerox Sigma V Mainframe Materials Research Lab, University of Illinois 2001 - projected completion date for 10,000 book electronic library 2010 over 30,000 eBooks are available Project Gutenberg books are free in the U.S. because the copy rights have expired Gutenberg eBooks are ADOBE PDF copies of books already in print format They can be accessed on PC, iPhone, Kindle, Sony Reader or other portable devices that have .pdf reader capability New Technology Course Smart eBook 3Dissue.com eBookscreated.com How to Read it... www.free-ebooks.net www.planetebook.com
www.knowfree.net 1000's of web 2.0 Readers April 7, 2010
Scholars Increasingly Embrace Some, but Not All, Digital Media
By Jennifer Howard
A report on the findings, "Faculty Survey 2009: Key Strategic Insights for Libraries, Publishers, and Societies" gives detailed responses from 3,025 scholars at institutions across the country. It focuses on three areas: how faculty members use and perceive their campus libraries; how they are handling the print-to-digital shift in scholarly work; and how much they have or have not changed their professional habits in an increasingly electronic environment. It was prepared for the Ithaka group, a nonprofit organization that promotes technology in higher education, by Roger C. Schonfeld, manager of research at Ithaka's strategy-and-research arm, and Ross Housewright, an analyst there. The new report is the latest installment that presents findings from a survey Ithaka has conducted every three years for the past decade.
Fewer Trips to the Library
The first section, "Discovery and the Evolving Role of the Library," confirms what many librarians already know: Faculty members do not use the library as a gateway to information nearly as much as they used to.
"The research process is no longer likely to begin with a face-to-face consultation with a librarian, a visit to the library's special-collections service points, or a search of the online library catalog," the report notes. Humanists are still more likely than scientists to start their research in the library itself or via its online catalog—30 percent versus 10 percent—but even among humanists, there is a distinct trend "away from library-specific starting points" and toward network-level discovery via electronic resources, such as Google Scholar or a database of academic journals. The days of the library as the so-called laboratory of the humanities may be numbered. From The Chronicle of Higher Education Online. http://chronicle.com/article/Scholars-Increasingly-Embra/64982/
Will it change the way we look at libraries? Are eBooks Revolutionary? Audio? The Demand is Great.. School planning is including them... Compatability for disabled users
makes good use of ebook & reader
technology The future of eBook
technology is only
limited to our imagination What kind of eBook
would you like to see? All logos used for educational example only. The author of this prezi does not work for or promote any specific product or website listed in presentation. All clipart freesource and/or from creative commons.org CourseSmart sells over 10, 000 eTextbooks Once a book is purchased, create a login at the CourseSmart Website CourseSmart lists all books you have purchased. Each are 180 day subscription, not available in .pdf, but option available to print some pages Pages have: Add Note
Highlight, Copy, Zoom
Email, Print and Help buttons
and Previous and Next page
buttons. Left column is table of contents, each a link to a section of the book.
Also there is a comprehensive index. The Chronicle of Higher Eduction Online http://chronicle.com/search/?search_siteId=5&contextId=&action=rem&searchQueryString=ebooks The Gutenberg Project Online
http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page Google Books Library Online
http://books.google.com/ Kobo Reader
http://www.kobobooks.com CourseSmart
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