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Gesture-Based Computing in the Maths Classroom

iGBL conference 2012

Ali McNamara

on 11 June 2012

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Transcript of Gesture-Based Computing in the Maths Classroom

Gesture - Based Computing
Thank you for your attention!
Shift from rote to Project Maths
First time NCCA recommended specific software
Real-world concepts
Future of Maths education
GBC and the role in education
What is GBC?
What it includes?
Why is it different?
Real-world Concepts
Technology in the Classroom
NCCA guide to add GeoGebra and other software in the classroom
Game based learning
What is a Game?
Play and Learning
Different elements of play
Curiosity removed from thinking
Under the influence of social stimuli
Becoming intellectual
Gesture-Based Computing
Project Maths
Game – Based Learning
“The wisest of the Greeks said that wonder was the author of science and philosophy. Wonder is not identical with curiosity; it is, however, the same as curiosity when the latter reaches the intellectual plane.” (Dewey, p.52, 1933)
Play and Curiosity
SIP Flight
Statistics, integers and probability
Real-world concepts
Curriculum based
Strand 1- Statistics and Probability

Unit 1.2 Concepts of Probability
Unit 1.4 Statistical reasoning with an aim to becoming a statistically aware consumer
Unit 1.5 Finding, collecting and organising data

Strand 3 – Number
Unit 3.1 Number Systems
Unit 3.4 Applied Measure
SIP Flight
Curriculum Based
Digital Natives
Classroom of today not of the future
Real-world concepts
Technology in general
GBC and Maths
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