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My Computer Accounts

No description

Hyuk Chan Seo

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of My Computer Accounts

My Computer Accounts This presentation will tell you about
accounts I have By: Hyuk Chan Emac Account I have a Emac Account. I made a Emac account so I can have privacy and people can't erase my stuff. If you want to make a Emac acount you have to go to System Preferences. Then go to account. Last but not least you just need to write your user name and your password. iGoogle Another account I have is a iGoogle account. If you have a iGoogle account you don't need to send massages to everyone. you just need to post it on your iGoogle home tab Wikispaces Account Wikispaces is a account everyone can see unless you pay to make it private. Its almost like a iGoogle account. Your aloud to write about yourself. I think it will be a good you don't write everything about yourself becuse people will be able to read it unless you make it a private accouny Blogger Account Blogger is a website where you can make a blog. It is like Wikispaces. You have to pay to make it private. You just need a E-mail to make this acount. It is really simple. First Class Account First Class Account is a E-mail acount. It not First class in a airplane. In First Class you can do anything you can in a normal E-mail account The End
Thank You
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