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Fahrenheit 451: Themes & Symbolism

No description

Kathy Ruiz

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451: Themes & Symbolism

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 By Kathy Ruiz Symbolism The Mechanical Hound Water The scene where water has the most important meaning is the scene when Montag crosses the river to escape out of the city to get into the Forest. The water divides the two completely different worlds and symbolizes a border. The river saves Montag and transports him away from the city to secrete him from the pursuing hound. Resumed the water is a symbol for a helpful force which saves Montag and is a contrast to the fire. Themes Classically, Fahrenheit 451, has a million different themes. These include universal topics such as pain, violence, wisdom, law and order. The two I found to be most prominent were rebellion and personal identification. Rebellion Rebellion is necessary in order to gain a full comprehension of the truth of society. Education is extremely limited and so if an individual (in this case Montag) feels motivated to find new knowledge, they must defy the law to find it. Clarisse motivated him to seek the truth by asking him important questions that no citizen usually thinks to consider. Such as:
-He stole a book from a fire and when he was caught and his house burned
-He resisted arrest
-Killed the fire chief
-Fled the city.
He later met with an entire group of rebels. Personal Identification The crisis of identity is at the core of Fahrenheit 451. As the main character learns from a series of mentors and teachers, he sees his own identity melding with that of his instructors. This is also a means of scapegoating – if your identity is not entirely your own, then you are not entirely responsible for your actions. The novel explores the question of how to define one self. Themes & Symbolism There were many different elements of symbolism including the burning of books (killing knowledge and freedom), the salamander (representing that the firemen can't be hurt from the fire) and the phoenix (rebirth even from flames) but the two most important for me were the water (river) and the mechanical hound The mechanical hound is a parody of the traditional firefighter pet. They are literally mechanical dogs that are programmed to destroy. The hounds represent the lack of nature and all things natural. At the time, everyone is obsessed with technology (as Mildred shows us with her 4 televisions). Sources http://www.shmoop.com/fahrenheit-451/identity-theme.html http://www.enotes.com/homework-help/name-three-symbols-this-book-what-they-represent-36325 http://intothefire1414.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/rebellion-in-fahrenheit-451/ Why this book rocked I found this book to be very interesting, fun to read and influential.
For example, the topic I just explained over personal identification.
But most importantly I learned how to spell Fahrenheit correctly.
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