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Loyal Retainer

No description

kennadie jake

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Loyal Retainer

Loyal Retainer
Example 1-
Sam Gamgee
Sam is one of Frodo's, the main character in the Lord Of The Ring, loyal retainers because he is always by Frodo's side, and puts Frodo's needs ahead of his own. Sam decides to help Frodo even though he knows that it would be dangerous and he could potentially be killed.
Example 3-
Ron & Hermione
Ron and Hermione are perfect examples of loyal retainers. Even though the trio of these books fight at some points, they always come back together to help each other. For example, in the fourth book/ movie, Ron gets very envious of Harry. Near the end of the story, when Voldemort was trying to take Harry's life,Ron comes to his side and Harry escapes.
Example 2-
Shrek's Donkey embodies the archetype of the loyal retainer becuase Donkey is always there for Shrek whenever he needs him. Donkey is slightly a nuisance, but in the end, Shrek is graeful for him
Grimm fairy tales examples
*Sam Gamgee
When do we mainly come across this archetype?
Loyal retainer
A loyal retainer is a character who aids the hero and fight for what he/she believe; however, he/she can possibly be a nuisance to the main character as well because of his/her personality or unawareness of his/her actions against the people around them. (sidekick hero)

We mainly come across this archetype when we watch movies that contain hero or someone in need of help when in comes to other.

There are many triats that come to mind when people think of a Loyal Retainer:
*and geeks or geniuses
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