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a in depth3 and some of its best games look at some of the features of the play station

danny albert

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of ps3

PS3 the best of the best for movies gaming and much more so why is the ps3 the best?
let me answer that question fist of the ps3 has up to 360 gigabites. that is like a bite a day so that is almost as much as
a really good computer now you may be thinking why
do i need that much space
a game only takes up a amount of space tiny that is were you are wrong
a game can take up lots of space you cant cram every thing
in to only a few gigabites it would be miniscule here is a video
about it graphics ps3 has the best graphics of any system out there this is how they are still the top selling consal
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