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SAP Fiori

No description

Mahendra Bhandari

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori
SAP Fiori
View all the Petal of Fiori
Approve Request
Approve Leave Request
Approve Timesheet
Approve Travel Request
Approve Travel Expenses
Approve Purchase Orders
Approve Requisitions
Approve Purchase Contracts
Approve Shopping Cart
My Spend
My Travel Requests
My Timesheet
My Leave Requests
My Paystubs
My Benefits
My Shopping Cart
Track Shopping Cart
Track Purchase Order
Order from Requisitions
Check Price and Availability
Track Sales Order
Track Shipments
Customer Invoices
Create Sales Order
Change Sales Order
SAP Netweaver Gateway System
• SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 SPS06
o IW_BEP 2.0 (SP06)
o GW_CORE 200 (SP06)
o IP_PGW 100 (SP03)
o IW_FND 250 (SP06)
o JSON - IWFND 2.50 (NW 7.02) SP04
o JSON -IWFND 2.40 (NW 7.00) ON 7.20 Kernel
SAP Backend System
SAP ERP system
6.0 SPS 15 and above 6.0
EnhP2 SPS 06 and above 6.0
EnhP3 SPS 05 and above 6.0
EnhP4 SPS 05 and above 6.0
EnhP5 SPS 03 and above 6.0
EnhP6 SPS 01 and above 7.00 SP 21 and above

SAP SRM system
Pre- Requisites to pick any petal/ petals of Fiori
Install UI5 add-on in your SAP Gateway System
o UISAPUI5 100 SP04 UI5 library 1.10 (if NW 7.0 or later)
o UI_INFRA 100 SP04
o UI2_700 100 SP04
o UI2_701 100 SP04 (If NW 7.0 EHP1 or later)
o UI2_702 100 SP04 (If NW 7.0 EHP1 or later)
o UI2_731 100 SP04 (If NW 7.3 EHP1 or later, if NW 7.1 EHP3 or later)
o UI2_FND 100 SP04
o UI2_SRVC 100 SP04
Install Application specific Add- ons in your Backend System
My Timesheet, Backend add- on name is "SRA002 600".
For Ex.,
Approve Shopping Cart: GBSRM001 700
My Leave Request: GBHCM002
Approve Travel Expenses: SRA008 100
Install Application specific Add-ons in your SAP Gateway System
My Timesheet, UI add- on name is "UISRA002 100"; similarly for all 25 petals, UI add-on name starts with UI.
For Ex.,
Track Shopping Cart: UISRA011 100
My Leave Request: UIHCM002 100
Approve Travel Expenses: UISRA008 100
Create the Trusted RFC destination between your SAP Backend & SAP Gateway System
Create User's & assign the correct role & Authorization.
Activate the SICF nodes & oData services. Launch the URL & smell the Fiori.
Final Step
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