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Placental Mammals

Placental Mammals

Carolyn Lowe

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Placental Mammals

Placental Mammals Characteristics Fetus is nourished with an organ grown in the mother's uterus called a "placenta".
Live birth. Nipples for nursing.
Young born at various stages of independence depending on species. Even-toed Ungulates Rodentia Lagomorphs Carnivora Primates Cetaceans Chiropterans Insectivores Dolphins & Whales Bats Rabbits, Hares & Pikas Pika Dogs Cats Bears Raccoons Seals & Sea Lions Skunks Weasels Squirrels Mice Beavers Porcupines Chipmunks Shrews Hedgehogs Moles Sirenia Dugongs & Manatees Monkeys Lesser Apes: Gibbons Great Apes Humans Horses Deer Elephants Rhinos Cattle Giraffes Sloths, Anteaters & Armadillos Procyon lotor black-footed ferret gray wolf snow leopard American black bear. common vampire bat black flying fox (fruit bat) Mexican free-tailed bats at night Ursus americanus: Panthera uncia: Mustela nigripes: Canis lupus: Xenarthrans Bison bison Artiodactyla Perissodactyla Odd-toed Ungulates Proboscidia Zebras Tapirs Pigs Camels Tadarida brasiliensis Desmodus rotundus Pteropus alecto Lepus americanus Snowshoe hare Lepus californicus black-tailed jack rabbit Sylvilagus audubonii desert cotton-tail Ochotona sp. Equus przewalskii Przewalski's horse Tapirus indicus Equus quagga Phacochoerus africanus Common Warthog Camelus bactrianus
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