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Verizon Wireless

Marketing 327, Living Case presentation

Joey Schaul

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Verizon Wireless

Verizon's Vision

Social Media

Industry Structure
Joey Schaul
Business Definition:
Strategic Direction:
- Enable people and businesses to communicate with each other
- Be fully committed to providing full and open communication with the customers
- Work, Learn, and Grow.
Verizon communications branded as Verizon, is an American broadband and telecommunications company that is a publicly traded company on the Dow Jones Industrial NYSE. Verizon provides information, entertainment, and services to its buyers. Verizon also consists of mobile wireless phones, home phone, internet, video, and data.
Verizon Communications' operations are divided into three business units: wireless, residential and small business services, and enterprise services.
Dominate Strategy:
AT&T Inc, Sprint Communication, T-Moblie
None, due to Verizon's powerful barrier due to its custom IT systems and the high cost of entry.
Living Case Marketing 327
Join In for the Verizon Network
Core Values:
Integrity, Honesty, Ethical, and Upfront
We are driven not by ego but by accomplishments, customers, suppliers, owners, and competitors
Largest Nationwide 4G LTE Service provider
Provide highest network Quality
Mifi, FiOS, Cloud, Global, Security, M2M, Digital Media
Combine and expand wireless data, messaging, and multimedia for both customers and businesses
Satisfaction and efficiency in customer service
"We never stop helping you"
Rivalry Among Existing Firms:
Potential Entrants:
Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony
E-Commerce helps to sell upgradable phone plans, sponsorships, and clear activation fees.
Adam Schoonmaker
Sameer Khosla
Sydney Reinholt
Ching-Ting Ho
Strategic Infrastructure:
1. Customer Service
2.Contract with Apple
3. Technological advancements in TV, Phone, and Internet
4. Price reductions for loyal customers
Did you hear about Verizon?
Social media has built new fans just from advertisements and it also drives potential customers to retail stores.
Great tool for reading reviews and receiving positive and negative feedback from consumers.
Intermediaries & Buyers:
-Best Buy
-Radio Shack
-Cell Star
-Bright Point

Phones sell at retail price at a retailer than the customer purchase a data package with Verizon.
-Other service providers; AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Direct TV, and Dish Network
-Contractual agreements with phone manufacturers

Satisfaction and Loyalty:

"America's Largest and Most Reliable Network"
- Maintains the most cellular towers in the US

"Ranks #1 in customer loyalty" - J.D. Power 2014
-Keeping the lowest customer turnover rate in the industry

"Innovation places Verizon ahead of the competition"
-Keeping the customers constantly connected with the most popular and newest devices

3. Substitutes:
-Other service providers; AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Direct TV, and Dish Network
-Contractual agreements with phone manufacturers

2. Intermediaries & Buyers:
-Best Buy
-Radio Shack
-Cell Star
-Bright Point

Phones sell at retail price at a retailer than the customer purchase a service package with Verizon.
Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony
1. Suppliers:
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Plan:
Idea: Bring in portable cell towers for sporting events to help ensure the audience will not have service and technical issues.
Implementation: Create a survey for each Verizon Wireless customer asking how hard is it to call, text, upload media, and take selfies for snapchat during a sporting event.
Target Market Segment
Target Market Segment:
Young Adults:
"Connect and Inspire new minds".
Family Life: married with children
"Staying connected with the entire family, that's Verizon".

Disabled and visually impaired:
"Bigger challenges deserve bigger solutions, powerful answers, Verizon"
Segmentation Variables:
Life Style, Age, Region, Income, Nation, Hobbies, Friends, and Family
Marketing Strategy:
J.D. Power and Associates 2014
Wireless Network Quality Performance
Make differentiation to meet different needs and also increase the speed of the wireless network.
Positioning Map
Positioning Map: Verizon Wireless
Focus on highest quality and coverage with an affordable price and data plan
Brand Strategy:
1. Operate in a category where there is limited competition

2. Make services fun and desirable to customers a way to bring phone, internet, data and other services to
market without having costly monthly bills.

3. "Get It Now" customers want convenience Verizon makes it easy to choose a phone and a data package in your price range and to satisfy your needs.
Brand Awareness:
Down loadable features, simple logo design, easy to pay, Sponsorship to sporting events, social media, and promotions
Perceived Quality:
Better price than competitors, great coverage, no dropped calls, easy to use, reliability, and easy to pay bills with online bill pay.
Brand Associations:
Data, cell phone, wireless, internet, service provider.

Trademark Piracy:
Verizon has a very distinct logo, trademark and brand name. Not very much piracy other than jail breaking phones to use other services.

Joint Marketing:
Pairing up with Apple, HTC and Samsung, also Verizon pairs accessories such as blue tooth, chargers, movies, and free downloads.

Benefits from Brand Equity:

Promotion, Twitter younger target market
Renewing contracts, early upgrades
Leading in customer satisfaction, word of mouth
Premium data, Networks, Wireless, Premium Price
Make the best network, inexpensive data and service. Competitors are following the same prices.

Integrated Marketing Communication Objectives:
1. Selecting and understanding trendy connectors 25-34 college educated house hold members
2. Communicate information to create efficient life styles, uninterrupted phone service
3. Don't share your cable with others "sharing is overrated"
4. Create Demand/value in advertising, by ads and hearing the name.

Integrated Marketing Campaign:

1.Search for the most used devices and programs millennials uses

-Search Engines
-Social Media
-Word of mouth
-TV Programs
- Read News
-Personal Interests
Personal Selling:

Both Direct sales and Missionary Sales

-Verizon Sells at Verizon retail stores around the nation, various electronic retail stores and sells across the world wide web.
-In Store
-Business to Business
-Best Buy
-Radio Shack
-Sam's Club
Low Degree
High Degree
Telemarketing representative:
-Uses telephone to contract customers to receive orders.
Inside Sales Support:
-One-to-one contact with customer via the Internet or Telephone
Field Salesperson:
-Meet face-to-face with customers
Technical Salesperson
-Meets face-to-face with customers to sell very technical products
Detail Person:
-Meets with people who influence the sale of a company's products but may not purchase directly
Service Salesperson
-Sells intangible products such as in Broad Ban internet, to a broad range of customers
Retail Salesperson
-Verizon's retail stores located throughout the world.

Roles & Responsibilities of Salespeople
1. Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word salesman?
"I think of a person looking to a make a sale to further his experience as a salesperson
2. Why Verizon over any other company?
"Because we do have the nations largest 4GLTE coverage, I do have Verizon as a service provider and I do love having service practically anywhere
3. What does Verizon have planned for the future?
"I am not sure as to whats next for the company but I know the next coverage will be 5GLTE and we are currently working on"

Differentiation and Price Competition:

-Competitive objective, with profitability to beat competitors and satisfy customers with customer service
-Each package can vary from inexpensive to very expensive determining on data and number of phones

-Verizon 3GB Data = 60$ 15 GB Data = 100$
-AT&T 300MB Data = 20$ 15 GB Data = 100$

Verizon and AT&T are very similar in price and they keep the compitition over customers very high as well.

Pricing Strategies:
-Providing the most service for a medium price but at high quality to keep loyalty
-International calling phone plans and competitive pricing promotes customers
Value Propositions:
-Product Leadership
Largest Coverage, Huge variety of phones compatible with Verizon's service
-Operational Excellence
Most towers to provide the least amount of dropped called and create communication an easy experience
-Customer Intimacy
I went into a retail store to compare prices with other competitors and it was very comfortable to ask the salesman questions, it was very easy to use, pay, and bundle into a package deal. They really want their customers to feel satisfied to keep them loyal.

Widest 4GLTE
Continually Growing and installing more cell towers
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