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Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS)

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Karen Bensley

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS)

Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS)
Key Points:
norm referenced
purpose: discriminitive, evaluative
Focus: the attainment of motor milestones as well as the components needed to attain these milestones
Who? pre- and full term ages 0-18 months (or pre-walking) infants who may be developing typically but are “at risk”
observational, minimal handling required
quick, no equipment
Observe - 4 positions
Scoring Procedure for each position:
identify the last mature "observed" item
identify the most mature "observed" item
these two points define the infant's motor "window"
Score each item in the window as either O=observed or NO= not observed
Credit 1 point for each item below the least mature observed item
Credit 1 point for each item scored "observed" in the infant's window
Sum the points = positional score
Sum the four positional scores = total AIMS score
For example.....
"Motor Window"
calculate age of child (mos, wks)
correct for age if < 37 weeks gestation
Credit 1 point for items
< "least mature"
Credit 1 point for items
observed in "window"
Sum the points for
each position
sum all the scores
use the chart on
last page for %ile rank
Also Need To Know......
Scores range between 0-58
Higher scores indicate more mature motor development
Recommended cut off scores for atypical development are the 10th%ile @ 4 mos of age, and 5th%ile @ 8 mos of age
Best at identifying infants with motor disabilities at 6, 9, 12 mos; use caution when interpreting AIMS scores for infant 3 mos of age or > 9 mos
retest: do not identify a child as being atypical based on one time screening – even typically developing infants do not acquire their gross motor skills at a stable rate
Let's practice with a few videos......
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