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No description

Breanna Borgwardt

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Slavery

Year 1800's - 1900's Slavery Key People Key Places Key events Millie Williams *Slave block Slaves vs Slave owners - Slave since 1870's.
-Had a hard life with her slave owner Bill Dunn.
-She was a really nice lady.
-Went to a lot of different slave owners.
-Made a lot of songs. Mary Reynolds -Was a slave in 1800's.
-Her family was kept together.
-They washed everything by hand.
-Made there own furniture.
-Had one of the biggest cabins. Dr.Smith (a white person) helped Henry (from Henry's freedom box) escape from the slavery. Conflict - Every where in the country that did slavery. Some white people vs Laws - Some white people disagreed with slavery Conclusion -Some native americans tried to escape.
-Some white people went on strike.
-Some workers (that work with law) disagreed with slavery. Further Questions ~ What did the cabins look like?
~ How many people disagreed with slavery? Slave block is where all the slaves were traded and sold. *Louisiana Louisiana is one of the biggest slave areas. Slavery started in the 1400's
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