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Frankenstein v Jurassic Park Prezi


ghamam bababba

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of Frankenstein v Jurassic Park Prezi

Themes Man v. Nature Viktor Frankenstein has
to compete with death
and his creation, which is a
representation of nature itself Man v. Conscience If Frankenstein creates
a female partner, he can
be free from his creation
but can he live knowing
he let loose two destructive
forces upon the world? Man v. Temptation If Frankenstein makes
his creature he can cheat
death and the pain of losing
a loved one to the beyond "Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds,
which I should first break through, and pour
a torrent of light into our dark world." (Shelley 52) Conflicts Nature Always Wins Frankenstein's monster
ends up killing him Ambition conquers man Though Frankenstein realized what he was doing was incredible and beyond human power, he continued on his quest to be the first to conquer death Take responsibility
for your actions FRankenstein creates his
monster then loses it into
the world and ceases
to worry til it begins killing
his family '"Man," I cried, "how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom!"' (Shelley 198) Characters Protagonist Viktor Frankenstein:
Doctor who creates
the monster in search
of beating both death
and losing loved ones Antagonist Creature: Made by Viktor, tries
desperately to find acceptance
and love, but is unable to. In rage
he dedicates his time to ruining
his creators life. STatic Character Henry Clerval: Viktor's boyhood
friend who follows him to
college and nurses him back
to health after his collapse. Is
very outgoing and interested
in english. Remains loyal to Viktor
until the time of his death. Characters Protagonist John Hammond:
He funded Jurassic Park
and led the research on
discovering dino DNA to create
the dinosaurs of the park. Very similiar
to Viktor in that he pushes the bounds
of science and worldly power. Antagonist Dinosaurs:
Mainly the Raptors and T-Rex, these dinosaurs compare to Frankenstein's creation because they are a uncontrollable force of nature. Despite their creators attempts to cage them, they escape and threaten his life. Static Lawyer: The lawyer in the movie is definitely a static character. His focus (up til the point of his death) is always money and protecting his client's investments. Just like Henry, he dies about halfway through the piece, and is as loyal to money as Henry was to Viktor Conflicts Man v. Nature In Jurassic PArk, the main characters are literally pit against the dinosaurs in a fight for survival. While Frankenstein's battle is challenging mentally as well as physically, the humans trapped on the park are tested more in the body than the mind. MAn v. Conscience As John Hammond's park falls around him, he is only thinking about how next time will be so much better. He is contemplating making more dinosaurs, just like Frankenstein had to contemplate making another creature when his beast asked him for a female. They both have to ask themselves if they should venture back into the rabbit hole and play god once more. Man v. Temptation Dennis Nedry, the computer genius of Jurassic park, has a serious run in with temptation when approached with a money offer for embryos. He falls to temptation and death, just like Frankenstein falls to both after trying to make his beast to beat death. Nature always wins Despite being caged by state of the art man-made technology, the dinosaurs escape the barriers. Much like the creature, the dinosaurs are a force that cannot be tamed or contained, and man is in folly to believe he can do either. Take Responsibilty for your actions John Hammond does not take responsibility for his beasts. He simply leaves the island once they escape, and saves his own life, allowing for several sequels to be made off his research. Had John (Like Viktor) taken his dues for his work, he could have destroyed the dinosaurs and prevented later deaths. Ambition Conquers Man Though John HAmmond believed that his creations could be contained, he must have realized the danger in his work. Yet, he could not stop himself from being the first man to return dinosaurs to the earth, and went through with his work anyway. MAN's POWER IN ETHICAL DECISIONS Frankenstein Jurassic Park By Graham Baxter Themes "I was overwhelmed by the power of this place; but I made a mistake, too. I didn't have enough respect for that power and it's out now. " (Jurassic Park) "No, I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way." (Jurassic Park) "How can we possibly have the slightest idea of what to expect?"(Jurassic Park) Both Jurassic Park and Frankenstein make a very similiar point regarding man's power within ethical decisions. I think that they state man's power has very little effect. Both Viktor Frankenstein and John Hammond must have realized the inherent danger of their respective works, yet both were slaves to their ambition. They were blinded by accomplishing the task ahead, and gave very little thought to the action they were comitting. Both men had almost no choice in the issue whether to do or not, (it seems as if they were destined to do so) but rather had only choice in whether or not they succeeded in their task.
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