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Order of the Solar Temple-Cults S.A.C

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Nick Trajkovski

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Order of the Solar Temple-Cults S.A.C

Cults S.A.C
Order of the Solar Temple
Also known as the International Chivalric Organisation of the Solar Tradition.






Unit 1 & 2 Psychology textbook written by John Grivas and Linda Carter
By Nick Trajkovski
The cult was mostly organised in Quebec, Canada, but also had chapters in other areas of Canada, Australia, Switzerland and France.
As of the 17th of April 2004, 30 surviving members were believed to be in Quebec, Canada and 140 to 500 worldwide. From 1984 to 1990, the number of members in each chapter grew. Membership reached 442 members in 1989. On October 4, 1994 a note was found in the home of a family of former members, in which were murdered, the note indicated the order had 600 members worldwide, the order's highest amount of members recorded.
The Order of the Solar Temple based themselves after the revival of the Order of the Knights Templar (a military-religious order founded in the 12th century).In 1805 Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat, claimed to be the head of the Knights Templar.With that he attempted to re-create the Order of the Knights Templar. His group split into many factions, some developed a belief in the end of the world. Before founding the Solar Temple, Luc Jouret had belonged to a descendant of one of the factions that believed in the end of the world, the Renewed Order of the Temple. From that the Order of the Solar Temple was founded.
Cult Emblem
The Solar Temple was founded in 1984 by Luc Jouret, a homeopathic physician and New Age lecturer (a movement that looked forward to a “New Age” of love and light and offered a foretaste of the coming era through personal transformation and healing) and Joseph Di Mambro. Joseph Di Mambro became interested in esoteric matters (matters understood by or meant for only a select few who have special knowledge or interest, confidential, secret, arcane, cryptic or enigmatic) as well as spirituality. He became a member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC (Ancient and Mystic Order of the Rosy Cross) in January of 1956, and remained with the cult until 1969.
Main Beliefs
Some of the cults beliefs were to re-establish the correct notions of authority and power in the world, to give back to people the consciousness of their dignity, to help humanity through its transition to the afterlife or new world, to participate in the assumption of the Earth in it's three planes; body, soul and spirit, to work towards the union of the Churches and the convergence of Christianity and Islam and prepare for the return of Christ as a "Solar Overlord". One of the Order's major beliefs were that life was an illusion, they believed that the world will end in fire. So in order for them to transit to another world, they must die in a fire. They believed the followers of the cult would be reborn on a planet revolving around the Star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and in Ancient Greek meaning; "glowing"or "scorcher". All mass murders and suicides committed by the Order revolved around Solstices and Equinoxes to coincide with there beliefs.
As defined by psychologists a group is any collection of two or more people who interact with, influence one another and share a common purpose.
The number of people within the group is a single characteristic of the term. For there to be a group, a minimum of two people must be present. The group can extend to any number of people as long as they continue to interact with each other for more than a few moments and share a common goal, which are the next two characteristics. The individuals in the group must influence each other and interact with each other for a group to exist. Members of a group must also share the same beliefs and a common purpose or goal.
The Order of the Solar Temple is a group as all of it's members share the same beliefs, as described in a previous slide, Main Beliefs, they interact with each other in the mass suicides and mass murders that they commit and they influence each other through the preachings by their leaders, Jouret and Di Mambro. The cult also includes a significantly larger amount of members than just two. All of which are described in the definition and characteristics of a group.
Being a member of a group may influence people to conform and participate in behaviours that they normally wouldn't by the use of deindividuation. The identities of the members of a group are lost through deindividuation, a sense of being anonymous is also given to those in the group, this allows them to partake in behaviours without feeling remorse or responsibility for their actions as they don't feel threatened by any consequences. The size of a group may also influence them as the larger the group's size the individual is subjected to higher amounts of peer pressure and is forced to engage in the groups activities even if they are unwilling to do so on their own. The informational influence of the group's leaders may have also influenced the group's members as they were being perceived as knowing more than the other members by having a connection to Christ and God who were feeding them information. A want to feel normal within the group through normative influence may have also played a part in the members behaviour's as well, by undertaking activities in the group they may have felt accepted and normal.
Brain Washing Techniques
To be obedient is to obey or follow the commands and instructions of someone with authority and/or the rules and laws of society.
Factors contributing to obedience are social proximity, the legitimacy of authority figures and group pressure.
Social proximity is the physical closeness between two people and/or the closeness of their relationship. Social proximity can affect obedience, as the closer, both physically and emotionally, someone is to an authority figure the more likely it is for the person to obey.
The perceived legitimacy of the authority figure is another factor that influences obedience. If an authority figure is believed to be legitimate or to have power, it is more likely for someone to obey their commands. For example the legitimacy of police officers in society.
Group pressure is the final factor contributing to obedience. Where if there is little to no group support it is less likely for someone to rebel against a command made by an authority figure.
News report on the Order of the Solar Temple's mass suicides
Di Mambro and Jouret were able to manipulate their members by having total control over information and communication.
Personal manipulation was also used by the leaders to create a mystique around themselves, making them appear to have knowledge and a relationship to God and Christ. Confessions were made by each member to purge themselves of wrong thoughts, deeds, and actions.
Each member was made to believe that the cults beliefs were the only truths and that everything else was lies. Each member was also made to believe that the leaders were always right and that the members were always wrong unless they agreed with the leaders.
The cult all had rights because they knew what was right. If the members did not agree with the cult their rights were ended and to an extreme some who had left the cult were murdered shortly after their departure.

Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret had been percieved to have legitimate power over the cult by being the cults leaders and by having a higher status than the rest of the members.
They were also perceived to have informational power over the group by having a spiritual connection to God and Christ and in turn having special knowledge for the group, i.e apocalypse date.
The leaders had coercive power over the cult also, by being able to give and remove privileges to members in the form of the cult's ranks, special attention and knowledge.
Luc Jouret
Joseph Di Mambro
Mass suicide performed by cult
Ceremony performed by Joseph Di Mambro
Ceremony performed by Luc Jouret
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