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What Great Teachers DO Differently

By: Todd Whitaker

Lauren Allen

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of What Great Teachers DO Differently

The "best" student is not just defined as good grades, but being nice, caring, well rounded, respectful. Great teachers maintain a positive attitude, 8 days a week. 7. Great teachers don't take themselves too seriously. Great teachers are adaptive and hold themselves accountable. What Great Teachers DO Differently By: Todd Whitaker What will we do today? 1. What makes up a great teacher?
2. Understand serveral traits associated with being a great teacher.
3. Communicate your ideas of what makes up a great teacher (share your experiences!)
4. How do we become great? But first... Discussion! Why do you continue to watch a TV show? What makes you listen to the same song over and over again?
or What makes you continue to read a book for pleasure?
So what do these traits have to do with teaching?
1. 2. Great teachers never forget that it is people, not programs that make the difference. 3. Great teachers set high expectations for their students but even higher expectations for themselves 4. 1. Authentic
2. Specific Praise
3. Immediate
4. Clean
5. Private 5. Great teachers base their decisions on the best students. 6. Great teachers make it cool to care. LAUGH! Laughing leads to learning.
Moreover... laughter has been shown to stimulate a physiological effect that decreases stress hormones and relieves anxieties.
Self Reflect
(Past) Self Awareness
(Now) Self Improvement
(Future) YOU are the variable, you control your students’ success, growth, and future. You can only control your own performance.
It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it

Teachers determine the quality of the school, not the students, community or textbooks.
Establish clear expectations from the start and continue to reinforce them throughout the year.

Don’t outline every consequence to each misbehavior. (Example)

Establish relationships so that students want to meet your expectations. "I appreciated the work you did today Tommy, but you need to finish your math problems." Which one sticks with you?? Model! Life can bring you d
. When making a decision, take into account:
1. What is the purpose?
2. Will this accomplish the purpose?
3. What will my best students think? Cultivate superstars, not pick favorites. First connect emotionally and then academically "Great teachers impact others in more ways than they can ever know. The legacies we build last for beyond our years. Students care about great teachers because they know great teachers care about them." My tip!
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