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LGBT History Month Timeline

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Erin Hardee

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of LGBT History Month Timeline

Nero becomes Emperor of Rome. Nero married two men (Pythagoras and Sporus) in a legal ceremony. 54 AD The Christian Emperor Justinian I made homosexuals a scapegoat for problems such as 'famines, earthquakes and pestilence' 529 AD King Henry VIII passes the Buggery Act, making all male-male sexual activity punishable by death 1533 The last known execution for homosexuality takes place in Britain

In England, the Offences Against the Person Act is amended to remove the death sentence for buggery. The penalty becomes imprisonment from 10 years to life. 1836 1861 The word faggot is first used in print in reference to gays in a vocabulary of criminal slang published in Portland, Oregon: "All the faggots will be dressed in drag at the ball tonight". 1913 UK opinion poll finds that 93% of respondents see homosexuality as a form of illness requiring medical treatment 1965 The Stonewall riots occur in New York; in modern days Pride marches are held around the world in June to commemorate this historic event 1969 A number of people in Sweden call in sick with a case of 'being homosexual', in protest of homosexuality being classified as an illness 1979 First ever 'Gay Games' held in San Francisco 1982 LGBT History Month is founded in the USA 1994 B&B owners refuse gay couple a double room - they are sued and ordered to pay £3600 in damages 2010 The UK Coalition government unveils its Marriage (same sex couples) Bill on January 25th 2013
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