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Landscape Level planning

No description

Jacqueline Lamb

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Landscape Level planning

Definition of Species and Population
Landscape Level planning
Abiotic Components
Physical and Chemical Factors
Connectivity between Diablo Range, Santa Cruz Mountains and Coyote Valley Wildlife Corridor
Planning for Wildlife Corridors
Ecosystem Management
A process that aims to conserve major ecological services to restore natural resources while meeting
Ecosystem Function
Group 5

Jacqueline, Taylor, Ruby, Emily, Gloria, Samir, and Sergio
Biotic Components
Connectivity between Diablo Range and Santa Cruz Mountains (Continued)
Discipline of Landscape Ecology
Important and Beneficial to San Jose Residents
without the corridors there would be a limitation on habitat space and a major increase in fragmentation
A species that might use the the Santa Clara County wildlife corridor would have to be the Grey Fox. The Grey Fox depends on this corridor to thrive and live a successful life and if it is taken away from them they will not be successful.
How does ecosystem work?
Animals (Fauna)
Plants (Flora)
Diablo Range
most significant landscape in our region
Coyote Valley is the last critical links for Wildlife between the Diablo and Santa Cruz Mountain Ranges
The Diablo Range is a very important piece of land in the Coyote Vallley
Based on sound science
Animals need suitable habitat for food, weather, and traveling
If there is no enough genes, species will be vulnerable to inbreeding
If no corridors existed for Diablo Range; the population of mountain lions in Santa Cruz will die
socioeconomic, political & cultural needs of current & future generations
The science of studying and improving relations between ecological process in the environment and particular ecosystem
-Spatial heterogeneity
-broader spatial extents than those traditionally studied in ecology
-the role of humans in creating & affecting landscape patterns and process
The Coyote Valley wildlife corridor is the main connection between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Range
Many of these species need this wildlife corridor in order to be able to migrate from these mountain ranges during different seasons.
Without the Coyote Valley many animals would end up isolated .

Animal-vehicle accidents cost $1 billion annually in property damage and cause an average of 165 human deaths
Future generation will not be familiar with species
Wildlife Corridors
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