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Motivational Letter for EVS

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Stanislava Antova

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Motivational Letter for EVS

Motivational Letter for EVS
I am involved in youth field since I participated in two consecutive years in Leadership Academy "GLOW"(Girls leading our world) in 2011 and 2012, where I passed a training for being a youth trainer on the system "Peers Training Peers ". I was part of the team organizing the academy, which is conducted entirely in English and in which 50 girls are taught to be tolerant, communicative, learn about EU youth initiatives and active citizenship, to live healthy and work as a team. My responsibilities included mediating sessions and organizing national campaigns and fundraising events. I consider that my experience in GLOW Association will help me to contribute better and more actively in Associação Mais Cidadania.
In conclusion, I want to become a part of your project because I am eager to meet new challenges, be of assistance, gain new experience and develop myself. I am motivated to reach my full potential in contributing to your association.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Stanislava Antova
e-mail: stanislava.antova@hotmail.com
+359 898 920892


I am Stanislava Antova and I am from Bulgaria. I am 21-year-old and I am going to graduate my bachelor degree in Journalism (Multimedia) at University of Salford, Manchester in May 2015.

I consider myself as a socially active person who finds satisfaction through participation in socially significant activities. I took part in various events on voluntary basis in different countries – from cleaning the Atlantic Ocean in Lisbon to working with kids whose parents were imprisoned due to political reasons in the Kurdish part of Turkey and etc. Moreover, during my education I was always trying to cover social problems and my final project will be about refugees.
I am a very open-minded and enthusiastic person. I like to have my schedule full and to be always active and because of this I developed good time management and organizational skills. My hobbies include traveling, photography, cycling, reading, aerobics, history and communicating with people. I lived in Bulgaria, England, Spain and Portugal and I adapt easily in multicultural environment. Moreover, I have an innate willingness to learn about different cultures and I love to share the Bulgarian one.
With this letter I would like to apply for your project which I found in the EVS database. In my opinion, the activities which Associação Mais Cidadania provides are useful not only for people like me who want to participate in such project, but for those who can benefit from our voluntary work and the multicultural perspective that we can provide.
I spent 10 months on Erasmus exchange in Lisbon in 2013/2014. During this time I became to some extent aware of the problems in the region, the mentality of the people and I think that this can be a big advantage when it comes to my adaptation in your organization. Moreover, I believe that with this knowledge I will need less time to come up with ideas for activities and solutions. In addition, I fell in love with Lisbon and the Portuguese culture and, even though I already spent some time there, I know that there is so much more to explore. Additionally, I would be very happy to take the opportunity to extend my level of the Portuguese language.
I would love to become a part of the preparation of projects, youth exchanges and trainings. I participated in 2 training courses under the Youth in Action program – one in Diyarbakir, Turkey and the other in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Enculturation is very essential in the global world that we are living in and multicultural skills are a valuable part of every CV. The Youth in Action activities give a great opportunities for youngsters to meet new cultures, learn about global problems and become more open-minded, tolerant and active citizens. I think that these activities should be better promoted and should become a mandatory part of everyone’s education.
Moreover, the Media and Communications part of your project sounds appealing to me because I believe that my university education will come in handy. I think that this is the area that I can contribute the most as well as it will be the most beneficial for me since it will give me the opportunity to gain experience for my future career. International communication is the area which I would like to work in the future and the one that I enjoy the most. Moreover, I like the visual part of communication like photography, video-editing, html and etc. I was an intern in a news website and also created and designed one as part of my education during my Erasmus exchange in Lisbon.
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