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Helical Model of Communication

A brief explanation of Dance's Model of Communication

Tracey Claver

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Helical Model of Communication

The Helical Model of communication was proposed by Frank Dance in 1967 Strengths A Helix is nothing but a smooth curve just like a spring which if goes upwards also comes downwards. The Helical model of communication was designed by Frank Dance keeping the simple Helix in mind. Child (Day 1) communication evolves

Communication continues

(Communication depends on past activities)

(Current day) communication continues with modifications The Helix implies that: Helical Model of Communication by Frank Dance What is a Helix? The Helical model of communication understands communication in a broader perspective and considers almost all the activities of an individual from day one to till date. It cumulates all the activities occurring in the complete span of an individual that affects the process of communication, which in turn goes forward and also depends on the past activities. Communication is continuous, unrepeatable, additive & accumulative. All experience contributes to the shape of the unfolding moment; there is no break in the action, no fixed beginning, no pure redundancy, no closure. All communicative experience is the product of learned, non repeatable events which are defined in ways the organism develops to be self-consistent and socially meaningful. Weaknesses May not be a model at all: too few variables. Generates Questions, but leaves much unanswered. (ABSTRACT) The model brings problems of
abstraction into the open.
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