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History of Baking and Pastries

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Victoria Balboa

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of History of Baking and Pastries

History of Baking and Pastries
What are the origins of Baking and the creation of Pastries?
By: Victoria Balboa
the beginning of baking

2600 to 2100 BC: Bread was a popular source of food among the Egyptians
-There was a large possibility they learned this from the Babylonians
450 to 385 BC: The greeks were well known for their honey flans and patterned tortes, and doughnuts called "Dispyrus"
*The first basic cake created was a pastry made with sugar which was sold by merchants from Egypt*

Roman Empire
Baking became so famous that there were over 300 bakers in Rome
Being a baker was a highly valued profession
Important pastries in Rome included: cakes, pretzels, "Globus Apherica" (fritters), and "Placenta" (similar to a cheesecake)

After the popularity of baking in the Roman empire, Pastries began to spread around the world from Europe
Holland began to cook pancakes and it became a daily street scene
Hamburg, Germany had a "pie-man" that sold pastries
-Strasburg also sold small cakes in the 1800's

Tools and Baking Ovens
Grinding Materials (Egyptians)
Enclosed Baking Containers (Egyptians)
Crude Oven (Egyptians)
Dutch Oven (Europeans)
Origin of Pastries
Pan Dulce
-Food historians confirmed that the modern pie has descended from Medieval European ingredients people have used.
-With the help of the Ancient Romans and the Northern Europeans, the thought of pie grew.
*The Romans came up with the idea of enclosing food in a pastry
*The Europeans had the use of lard and butter leading to the creation of pastry shells
Thought to be introduced in Medieval Times
The need to showcase colorful presentations led to the top of a pie crust being excluded
*The designs of the tart were usually colorful which included natural dyes from green, red, yellow, and white fruits and vegetables*
Introduced to the New World by Spanish Explorers and Missionaries
Portable pies were needed so the empanada was created for convenience
Helped hide the inside contents from public view
Introduced to Mexico by the Spanish during Conquest
Was first used for religious purposes; the wheat used in the bread was a necessity in the church
Fast and convenient breakfast/snack that everyone enjoyed
Being influenced by the Spaniards and the French, Mexicans took the recipes for the bread and created their "own thing"
-Nowadays, mexicans have thousands of
different names for Pan Dulce
Pan de muerto
The most basic form of a cake was made from crushed and compacted grains from neolithic times.
Fruit cakes were said to be sacrificed to the Roman gods made of honey, fruits, and nuts.
Greeks made a cake called "plakous" which was topped with a combination of honey and nuts
The first decorated cake (with marzipan) was created during the Reign of Elizabeth 1 (1558-1603)
During 1660, King Charles had a suggestion from a professional baker to cover buns with frosting made from sugar and berries.
Soon after this, cake baking advanced to using fondant and other things to create what we now call a cake
Dutch Oven
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The End.
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