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Cave Art

No description

Chris Hearn

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Cave Art

Cave Art
Lascaux, France
Vezere Valley
Magdalenian hunter gatherers believed to have created the cave art.
Marcel, Jacques, Georges, Simon and Robot- 3 boys who stumbled onto the cave
Sometime before 20,000 BCE- around when the paintings were made
1940- When the three boys discovered it.
Documenting Hunts
Do Now:
1. What is the oldest building in the world?
2. Name a country in Europe.

Lascaux cave art appears high on ceiling of cave because the ground has eroded away.
Colored Dirt
Another cave containing cave art in southern France
Do Now
Find a partner and have them tell you a story about their life. Illustrate that story.
Do Now:
1.What were two animals depicted in the Lascaux cave art?
2. What was one of the animals depicted in the Chauvet cave art?
Do Now:
Do Now
1. What colors were most common in cave art?
2. What did cave artists use to make paint and how did they get it to stick to the walls?
Do Now
1. What are the three pairs of complimentary colors?

2. What are today's daily objectives?
Do Now
1. Using the art element color, compare the two artworks.

Do Now:
1. How can you tell the difference between the cave art of Lascaux and Chauvet?

2. What background elements are in your cave art?
1. Describe the color used in this artwork.

2.What cave does this artwork come from?
Do Now:
1. Where does this art come from(specifically what cave)? 2. How was this artwork made?
3. What are complimentary colors?
1. Red/Green
2. Blue/Orange
3. Purple/Yellow
#1 has the colors blue, white and peach. These colors are very bright. #2 has black, brown, tan and yellow. These colors are more dull and natural than #1's bright blues and white.
Do Now:
1. About how close are you to being done with your cave art?

Example: I am 80% done.
2.Who was the artist from last week's Art Investigation?
Do Now:
Do Now:
1. Why does the cave art of Lascaux appear high on the ceiling?
The cave floor erode away over time.
2. What animals are depicted in the Lascaux cave?
Bulls, horses, deer
3. What animals are depicted in the Chauvet cave?
Rhinos. sabre tooth tigers
Do Now:
1. Did you finish your cave art project?

2. What grade did you get on the Cave Art quiz? (Check Powerschool on your chrome)
After you have completed both questions, go to the art google classroom.

Red, orange, black, white tan. All dull, natural colors.
After you finish the warm up, go to google classroom
1. Why does the cave art of Lascaux appear high on the ceiling?

2. About how old is the cave art of Lascaux?
The ground eroded away and sank lower.
20,000 years
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