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No description

Yip Richard

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Bean-Dancing

Chief PR Officer
Thank you
Chief Engagement Officer
Chief Information Officer
Group DouDou
Chief Engagement Officer
Chief Engagement Officer
Chief Information Officer
WECHAT Account
Chief Creative Officer
Utilize social media platform to:
Achieve long-term sustainable operation

Build up relationship with target audiences

Build up our professional brand image

Broadcast specialty coffee culture
Target Market Analysis
Segmentation & Targeting
Utilize professional advantage to target
specialty coffee fans
Extend to
coffee lovers
to spreading culture
Content Needs of Targeting Segment
Further Segment by knowledge level of potential audiences
Further Analysis on Audience Psychological Profile

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
1st Feb – 20th Feb
Focus on
account management
internal created content
Social Media Strategy and Implementation
Greeting for new followers, Menu Bar & Auto-response
Origin article Comment

Use quote & picture to start
Create a good reading atmosphere
Put reliable resource information

Build trustworthy brand image
Use previous link & QR code

Generate reading other content
Distribute our content / Curate their content

Raise brand awareness & Bring continuous new followers
Build up trustworthy brand image with partners' professional quality
Curate articles to enrich content variety
Attract fans from both sides
Cross-platform promote challenges
Platform administrators might ban articles with business tendency, e.g. guoke.com
The result of cross-platform is less than satisfactory
Urge manpower & resource investment to earn satisfied impact
Photoshop Picture
Create reading atmosphere
Festival/Holiday Greeting
“Why the rush, live your slower life”
“How to make coffee at home”
“How to use portable coffee bag”
“Betty show you Bean Dancing Cafe”
Why the rush, live your slower life
How to make coffee at home
How to use portable coffee bag
Betty show you Bean Dancing Café
Use Hedonic to attract interaction

Use Benefit to attract interaction

Offer free trial to exhibit audience in 2016 Hotelex
Drive exhibit audience from offline to online with on-site QR code scan
Launch online to offline interactive game
28th Mar – 17th Apr
28th Mar – 17th Apr
Content Example
Best Performing Content
The 85 flavors of Specialty Coffee
Reading within account is 2889
Page view of other account reached over 131,620
Succeed in bringing new followers, 218 in total
Organic followers increase steadily afterward
Reason of popularity
The first article in coffee circle to illustrate the new launched coffee taster’s flavor wheel;
Trustworthy reference: official illustration from SCAA;
Quality original picture, very easy to understand.
Least Performing Content
Guess who are the winners?

Reading within account is 30
Winners gave positive feedback on awards.
Reason of least performance
Release under headline content;
Award announcement only attract event participants which is limited in current stage;
Keep interacting and build up engagement with audiences;
Add award announcement and prize information redemption in bottom menu bar.
Cumulative Followers
New Followers
Content Performance
Engagement Performance
Using hedonic to engage gain better result
People engage more if they really interested in.

People starting to communicate within account
Start to ask and chat within account by leaving messages.

Need constant engagement to build relationship
ROI Analysis
Next Move
Continue Content Strategy: Focus on niche market, extend to coffee lover
More original content from own baristas point of view.
More focus on content related to coffee or industry.

Long-term interaction mechanism with followers.
Focus on communication and response in time with followers.
More hedonic application on engagement, inviting followers to communicate.

Utilize other offline events to engage with followers
Such as offline coffee sharing events to create online register -- offline participating – online sharing mechanism, better engaged with audiences.
Chance to collect consumers’ email for further marketing needs.
People care more about coffee related knowledge and info
Reading of articles in content column “Elementary” and “Funny” is higher.

Video is helpful to increase reading
Relatively higher reading amount.

Need to enhance followers loyalty
Reading from account, which means loyal followers only consist about 20% of total followers.

Need to improvement on engagement
Share rate remains low: 3%-9%.
Focus on
content distribution
and start to
advocate interaction
Keep on
advocate interaction
and start to have
offline integration
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