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Tardigrades in space

No description

William Carr

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Tardigrades in space

TARDIGRADES The toughest animal in the World The word tardigrade translates to slow walker
At least 700 different species
Tardigrades suck up the water from moss as a souce of food Hot Springs of Himalayas
Solid Layers of Ice in the Poles
Dry Climate of the Equator
Dunes, Beaches, Soil
Deepest Parts of the Ocean
Fresh and Marine Water
Common ponds and lakes Durable throughout the World and SPACE... Tardigrades can... Tardigrades can withstand pressures 6 times greater than those found at the bottom of the ocean
Tardigrades endure temp. from 151°C (304°F) to nearly absolute zero at -273°C (-459°F)
Tardigrades can survive the vacuum of space
live without water
Tardigrades can withstand 1,000 the amount of radition that would kill a elephant ? In 2007, NSA launched tardigrades into space
They left them in space for 10 days
68% survived
Most were able to produce fully-functional offspring
Sent again May 2011 Tardigrades in Space TARDIS Cryptobiosis
When conditions get to harsh tardigrades shrivel up and die (for a while
Tardigrade's have the option to revive themselves when conditions and back to normal How Are They Able to Survive
Such Extreme Conditions? Study resistance to UV rays
Repercussions for cancer
DNA repair
Answering the life long question are we the only forms of life in the universe
Are we really alone? These creatures can survive in space and maybe even other planets The Future... http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs47/f/2009/241/b/e/Tardigrades_from_Phobos_by_corvis9.png
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