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Four Generations in the Workplace

No description

Taina Castro

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Four Generations in the Workplace

Baby Boomers 29.5% of workplace
Balance in work and family
Flexible work hours and informal workplace
Latch-key children
Need constructive feedback Generation X Four Generations in the Workplace Taina Castro
Enxhi Panariti
Tim Patterson
Tyler Orr
Damien Pagano
Robert Porcelli 1946-1964
41% of workplace (2010)
79 million babies born
Having to sacrifice to get ahead
Team Oriented
Live to work
Egocentric generation
Personal Gratification Generation Y 1981-2000
Think differently
Brought up during the "empowerment" years
Globally Concerned
Taught to question authority
Personal fulfillment
Street Smarts Seminal Events First transatlantic flight
Stock market crashes
The New Deal
Pearl Harbor
Korean War Traditionalists 1922-1943,
Hard work
Raised with strict regimen
Top down approach
Value quality, respect, and authority Seminal events First Nuclear Power Plant
Civil Rights Act
Kennedy Elected
Cuban Missile Crisis
Kennedy assassinated
National Organization for Women founded
Martin Luther King assassinated
First lunar landing Differences between Traditionalists
and Baby Boomers Traditionalists:
Followed traditional roles
Willing to be disciplined
and patient
Played by the rules Baby Boomers:
Promoted equality
Left unfulfilling relationships to seek more fulfilling ones
Sought immediate gratification
Manipulated the rules to meet their own needs Seminal Events Women's Liberation protests
Watergate Scandal
Energy Crisis begins
U.S corporations begin massive layoffs
Ronald Reagan inaugurated
Stock Market plummets
Fall of Berlin Wall Differences between Baby Boomers and Generation X Boomers:
Fight against authority
Media darlings
Nostalgia for the 1960's Generation X:
Go around authority
Avoid media and limelight
Get a life
Politics never solved anything, made it worse Seminal Events Clinton/Lewinsky
Columbine High School Massacre
Violence: Oklahoma City bombing
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