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Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output & Storage Devices

Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output & Storage Devices

Connor Woods

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output & Storage Devices

Advantages & Disadvantages Input Devices By Connor Woods Storage Devices By Connor Woods Output Devices By Connor Woods Advantages & Disadvantages of Input Devices Here are the advantages of input devices:

1. Mouses are good for use with desktop computers.
2. Reliable for putting data on a computer
3. All users tend to be familiar with using some input devices.

Here are the disadvantages of input devices.
1. They have to have a flat space near to the computer.
2. Sensitive files could be lost if you lose your input device

To the right are examples of input devices Keyboard (Standard) Camera (Digital) Microphone Advantages & Disadvantages of Output Devices Scanner Memory Stick Printer Here are some advantages of output devices:

1. Some output devices are relatively cheap and reliable, can display text and graphics in a wide range of color's. They are also quiet and do not waste paper.
2. Some output devices are relatively inexpensive and produce high quality black and white or colored printing.
3. Some devices can also use a tiny current so can be powered directly from a computer.

Here are some disadvantages of output devices:

1. However some output devices cannot be powered directly from a computer so need a relay to control them.
2. Also some output devices mean that they are an analogue device so the digital sound signal has to be converted, usually by a sound card Projector TV Speakers Headphones Advantages & Disadvantages of Storage Devices Here are some advantages of storage devices:

1. Some storage devices are very fast access to data and data can be read directly from any part of the hard disc.
2. They are very cheap to buy and floppy disc drives are very common.
3. Some storage devices are relatively tough as long as the surface does not get too scratched

Here are some disadvantages of storage devices:

1. However they eventually fail because few home users have the data on their home computer hard drive backed up.
2. Some storage devices have very small storage capacity compared to modern alternatives such as USB memory sticks. Specialist Hardware Some people may have a disability and require specialist treatment like a footmouse.
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