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Kristianstad & biogas

No description

Angela Nguyen

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Kristianstad & biogas

Biogas = 0 Pollution Smog
CO2 emission
Global Warming Health Problems
Heart disease
Respiratory disease Limited Supply
Demand Price Kristianstad Fossil
Fuel Fossil fuel Biogas Food production
at farms.
Manure is sent
to Biogas plant. Waste is produced in homes. Waste and manure is processed at the plant. Biogas is upgraded to fuel suitable for vehicles. Biogas used to heat to heat homes (by districts). Left over nutrients brought back to farms as fertilizer. $3.2 million versus $7 million Cost effective Improvement of local economy Endorse farming & creates jobs Good for environment No CO2 & reduce/recycles waste Gas produced by the breakdown of organic matter. It's a renewable energy source. Heat homes
and buildings Fuel for automobiles Natural fuel formed from the decomposition of organisms. Coal Oil Natural
Gas High oil
prices in
the 1980s Sweden
tax on CO2 emission in 1991 People aren't willing to spent $4,000 more on a car running on biogas (even though it costs 20% less than gas) High waste producing city
Availability of organic waste
Support of using biogas
Seattle! High initial cost
Little government support
No outlet to sell biogas generated 25 privately owned wind turbines operations One privately owned water turbine Bike Lanes
Snow clearance of bike lanes
Bike pools for City Hall workers
Bike campaigns Pilot project on solar panels to produce electricity (2010) By: Angela & Karen THANK YOU
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