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Jack Dean

on 12 September 2013

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The Outsiders
Devision of Socio-economic classes
This picture is used as a metaphor in the book as too how similar the Soc's and the Greaser are and all that separates them is their wealth. This is said in a conversation between Ponyboy (a Greaser) and Cherry (a Soc).

Unfortunately this theme is still apparent today and is a major problem around the world. People that come from a lower economic status still find it hard to fit in and are sometimes not accepted. However this has gotten better as we are starting to see a greater mix of cultures and economic statuses.
This picture is of an eye, in the Outsiders people's eyes are a consistent Motif and people often get judged by their eyes. Multiple times people's characteristics can be represented through their eyes. In today's contemporary world people can be judged for their features, for example people are judged for the colour of their skin, this is a major issue. People that get judged for their features can get quite defensive and self conscious. Here in Australia darker skinned Aboriginal's are often discriminated.
Loyalty is a constant theme throughout the book predominately between the gangs (Greasers and Soc’s), they always stick together and never leave another behind. An example of this is the first chapter Ponyboy is getting beat up badly so his friends rush to his aid and defend him. The Greasers are the same if ever one of them has something bad happen to them they will help them and support them.

This theme is not so evident in the present as things have swung dramatically, today people don’t want to get caught up in all of that stuff so you will find that less and less people are standing up for their friends. However there are some people who are quite the opposite and are always looking to back someone up.
During the Outsiders a large amount of themes become apparent along with a lot of Motifs. Some of these themes and Motifs will be explored in this presentation. I will also try to explain how these themes relate to today's contemporary society. I hope you enjoy the presentation and learn more about the 60's and the modern day world.

This photo is of the famous German city Berlin. During WWII Berlin was split up into two halves, one was run by the Soviet Union and the other was run by the British and American forces. This picture reflects the division of the two classes, the SOC's and the Greasers. In the book they are divided and always at war. During this period Berlin became a very violent place from people getting shot trying to get over the Berlin Wall and escape attempts. This violence is also seen in the Outsiders as there is a definite division from the two socio-economic classes.
Division of a city
This is a picture of a Mustang through out the book the mustang is used as a symbol of power by the Soc's and for the Greasers it is used as a symbol of danger as often when the Mustang has appeared the Soc's have done something stupid or hurt someone.

Today this is still a theme as people use cars to show off their economic status, for example rich people will tend to drive sports cars such as Ferrari's, Porches and Lamborghini's, while people that do not have a lot of money will tend to drive old cars that are not in very good shape.
Greaser Hair
This is picture of a typical Greaser, a Greaser took a lot of pride in his hair and was considered it their identity. If their hair was taken away it was basically like taking away their whole life and identity.

Today people do take a lot of pride in their features. For example young people today still do take a lot of pride in their hair and consider. People style their hair in order to gain popularity or get people to accept them.
In the book the Outsiders violence is a reoccurring theme and causes a lot of pain and action. During the Outsiders there are stabbings, shootings, gang violence and child abuse. It also shows how some kids were growing up in quite hostile environments. An example of this is Ponyboy living with his brothers. Even though at the end it all works out, at the conditions in which Ponyboy was living in could be considered quite hostile and not the perfect environment for a young teenager to be living in. Another theme exploited in the Outsiders is the theme of domestic violence. This theme is apparent in Johnny the youngest of the groups house hold. It is mentioned multiple times that Johnny’s father is quite aggressive with his mum.

Today this theme is still very real and very much apparent. Globally approximately 3.3 million children witness domestic violence in their home each year. Today gang violence is less apparent in teenage gangs but is becoming more apparent in bikie gangs across Australia.

Another theme that is seen in the Outsiders is isolation. This theme is predominately seen with Johnny and Ponyboy when they are hiding from the police. They go to a church where it is only Ponyboy and Johnny. At that church they are really far away from all their friends and have no support. At first Ponyboy and Johnny are really scared and feel as if they are lost and have no where to go. While they were isolated they really bonded as a group and found out a lot about each other.

Today isolation is theme especially amount the less fortunate. Sometimes they may feel as if they are not being included and don’t feel accepted in society.
Law Breaking
Thievery in the Outsiders is every evident and is a Motif. Because the Greasers have very little food they have gotten used to the idea of stealing and see it as a normal action. In a line they say they all had money but Dally never did things the legal way.

Today thievery and law breaking is a very common theme and seems to be getting worse each year. People like the Greasers go around deliberately. This needs to be stopped because as it was seen in the outsiders these actions can have violent results.
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