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The Ottoman Empire

No description

Maxime Joanisse

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman
The Fourth Crusade
The Ottoman Empire was in controlled of Jerusalem which the christians wanted because Jerusalem was the city where Christ died. The Christians wanted it so much that they had war with the Ottoman. there were 4 wars the fourth war was won by the Ottoman Empire.
Five Pillars of ISLAM
The Five Pillars are
The foundation
Giving structure to MUSLIM life
They are
Shahada; affirmation of Faith
Salat; Prayers
Zakat; Giving
Sawm; The Fast
Hajj; Pilgrimage

The Five Pillars are steps that Muslims have to follow
Janissary is a police in the Ottoman Empire. the Janissaries were always loyal to the Sultan. Janissaries had rules like they could not get married but in return they were well fed and well paid. 200 years later the Janissary started with 1000 then got to 48,000, after that corruption began.
Art and Architecture
Science, Math
Geography- the Ottoman empire drew Maps of theie empire

Al-Khwarizmi- This man created the number zero and algebra

The Ottoman empire calculated The circumference of the earth which was very close to the truth
Measles + small pox were studied
4,000 prescriptions
Added sweet-tasting syrups to meds
Al Razi- Treat the mind as well
Animals guts were used for stitches
Even Cataracts were treated

The Turkish Bath
Haman was the name for public baths
Hundred of toilets with marble and domes
There was lots of steam in them
Men and women were segregated
The Men were with children
The Women were with daughters and very young boys

The Faith
They declare their faith by saying the "Shahada"

"Shahada" is a sentence

"There is no god but God and Muhammad is his Messenger"

They say by saying this sentence you will become Muslim BUT you have to say it with meaning

It confirms that their God (Allah) passed his message through Muhammad
Prayers are also called Salat

They MUST be done five time a day

Dawn, Noon, Mid-afternoon, Sunset and Nightfall

They can be done at home, work, school or in a Mosque

Prayer MUST always be done in the direction of the Kabah (black cube) which is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Men must perform the Friday afternoon prayer in a Mosque
The Zakat
The Islamic people believe that everything that belongs to you belongs to God

Every year Muslims give 2.5% of their money to the ones who need it

It is not mandatory to give in 2.5%
The Fast
They call it Ramadan. It lasts for 1 month

They don't eat between the hours of sunrise and sunset

They don't drink either BUT children can, especially the ones living in hot country like Singapore

In general children start fasting when they reach puberty

They practice discipline and they experience what the poor might live
They call it the Hajj. It takes place on the twelfth month of the lunar year

Its the biggest religious gathering of the world

Over 3 million Muslims travel each year to the Mecca

They walk 7 times counter clock wise around the Kabah (black cube)

That is the same Kabah they prey towards 5 times per day

Every Muslim should go there at least once in their life if they are physically and financially capable.
The black curtain around the Kabah is called the Kiswah
Jihad means "making an effort" in the cause of god
Includes fighting in defense of Muslims (this is lesser Jihad)
The greater of Jihad is to work hard at achieving personal goals
Extremists sometimes perform cruel acts using this because it is the way they understand the rule

Quran (Koran)
Slavery was legal as it was in most of Europe at the time
one out of five people were slaves in the Empire
There were slaves shops around the Ottoman empire
20,000 slaves were bought in a year
Most beautiful woman slaves were often offered to the Sultan's harem
Animals were essential to the Ottoman empire

Animals meant: food like
Milk, cheese, yogurt, honey
all from cows, sheeps and bees

They also allowed them to make clothes with wool from sheep's

Horses and Oxes helped to plough farms and provide transport
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