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Effects of Alcohol

No description

Sana Tauchi

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Effects of Alcohol

The Effects of Alcohol
The Effects of Alcohol
Alcohol hurts the body: it can effect the liver, effect your brain, make your stomach upset causing you to vomit, dehydration, effect your blood sugar, cause your skin to become pale, can give you alcohol poisoning, and cancer.
Intoxicated is described as someone feeling drunk which happens when you consume an amount of alcohol.
An Alcoholic
An Alcoholic is a person who drinks a lot of alcohol for a long time. They are more likely to have liver damage because of the large amount of alcohol that has been through the body.
Changes Caused by Alcohol
Changes caused by alcohol are someone's behaviors, their discussions choices, and body activities.
Alcoholism- someone who drinks a lot of alcohol and can not control how much alcohol they drink. A person can not stop drinking because the body has grown attached to alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease.
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