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Phonoemic Awareness: Rhyming

An introduction to the wonderful world of rhyming words

Spencer Lueders

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Phonoemic Awareness: Rhyming

Examples of words that rhyme in sentences! Rhyming Island An introduction into the wonderful world of rhyming words "What on earth, is that Rhyming Island?! I must get with the time and learn to rhyme! - rhyming words are words that share a similar ending sound
- Examples include "tree" and "me" or "show" and "toe" Words that Rhyme! The Benefits of Rhyming Rhyming provides students an opportunity to begin developing an awareness of sounds
Providing students with opportunites to explore the similarities and differences in the sounds of words helps them to have an insight Teacher Note The pig is wearing a wig!
Bill went up a hill!
Jack ate a snack. Rhyming Activity! Rhyming Jar Write or copy sentences containing rhyming words, omitting the final rhyming words and place them in a jar
Select a strip from the jar and read it aloud, emphasizing the first rhyming word leaving out the second Rhyming Activity Continued.. Have students work in pairs to generate rhyming words to complete the sentence.
Have students be "detectives," looking for other oral and written words that rhyme
Create a class list! Reading is EVERYTHING! Sources
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