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John F. Kennedy

No description

Melissa Akay

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of John F. Kennedy

Who was John F. Kennedy?
-he was the 35. President of the USA
-full name John Fitzgerald Kennedy
-born 29.May 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts
-died 22.November 1963 in Dallas, Texas
-Kennedy was from 20.January 1961 until 22. November 1963 President of the USA
-some people say that he wanted to start a 3. world war but he actually prevented it, by making a fair deal with cuba
-he was a sympathetic person and a good
President but he was also man with
many scandals
Kennedy assassination
Image by Tom Mooring
Private life
John F. Kennedy
-Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, at 12.30
pm on the 22. November 1963
-he was murdered by several rifle shots during a drive in an open car in the city center of Dallas
-1 1/2 hours after the assassination Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested by the police but two days later he was killed by Jack Ruby, that's why he couldn't make a confession and so he isn't the official murderer of JFK
-there are many myths about Kennedys death,but
until today nobody knows the reason or the person
who killed him, that's why he is still a famous

-12.September 1953 he married Jaqueline Lee Bouvier
-after two miscarriages Jaqueline gave birth to Caroline Kennedy (the only living child of JFK) in 1957 and to their son John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1960 (he died 1999 in an air crash), the third child died shortly after its birth
-many people say that JFK was a womanizer and that he had a lot of affairs,the most famous affair
was with Marilyn Monroe

-Who was John F. Kennedy?
-Private life
-Kennedy assassination
-Why I chose this topic
Why I chose this topic
On Friday I saw a report about the Kennedy-assassination in the television, so I was interested to find more about him
Thank you for listening
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