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All-Girls Math Tournament

No description

Artemis Fowl

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of All-Girls Math Tournament

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To our donors...
Schedule of Events
12:30 PM - 01:00 PM Check-In / Welcome
01:05 PM - 02:20 PM Individual Round
02:20 PM - 02:35 PM Break / Bakery Sale
02:35 PM - 03:15 PM Team Round
03:15 PM - 03:30 PM Break / Bakery Sale
03:30 PM - 04:00 PM Guest Speech by Professor
Diane Clemens-Knott
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM Awards Ceremony

Guest Speaker
Professor Diane Clemens-Knott

Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology,
Department of Geological Sciences of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at California State University of Fullerton.
Sunday, May 4, 2014
All-Girls Math Tournament 2014
Awards Ceremony
About Orange County Math Circle

Our Story
OCMC is a nonprofit,
student run
organization founded in 2007
Johnny Li
Inspired by the
San Diego Math Circle
Today, the OCMC has a
group of more than
100 dedicated

volunteers serving more than
15,000 students.
Thanksgiving Tournament
New Year Invitational
All-Girls Math Tournament
All-Girls Math Tournament
to the 5th Annual
Andrew Mccloskey
Aseet Patel
Bin Xu
Coco Hamilton
Darren Chi
Dewei Tsao
Hee Kyoung Yoon
Hun Jeong
Hyung seuk Yoo
Jiafu Luo
Joseph Wong

Kyeong M Mok
Limin Lin
Michael Gurev
Nobou Liu
Phung T Luu
Sarah Kim
Sharzad Marashi
Sunil Kumar
Vimala Kumar
To-Tam Le
Vivian Nguyen
Tournament Director:
Michelle Chen
Problem Czar:
Eric Xu
Lia Tian, Staphany Hou
Head Proctors:
Eric Xu, Jason Ye
Problem Committee:
Michelle Chen, Victor Chen, Benjamin Chen, Jason Ye
Head Graders:
Victor Chen, Benjamin Chen
George Hu
Dennis Shim

3rd and 4th Grade Team
5th and 6th Grade Team

7th and 8th Grade Team

3rd and 4th Grade Individual

5th and 6th Grade Individual

7th and 8th Grade Individual
T-shirt Design inspired by:
Joie Le, 8th grade
Oxford Academy

Thank You's
Math Clubs:
Elementary School Math Club
Middle School Math Club
High School Math Club
Santa Ana Math Club

AMC 8, 10, 12

Mrs. Kanchan Flaska
3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

8th Grade

7th Grade

3rd Place: Olivia Garrett
3rd Place: Jeongyoon Yeo
3rd Place: Yohana Kim
3rd Place: Kelly Tran
3rd Place: Kaitlyn Yang
3rd Place: Audrey Lim
2nd Place: Soumya Ravichandran
2nd Place: Natalie Yee
2nd Place: Katherine McPhie
2nd Place: Soohyung Kim
2nd Place: Erin Jeon
2nd Place: Kiran Jayasinghe
1st Place: Cassidy Kao
1st Place: Hannah Jang
1st Place: Selene Huang
1st Place: Lucy Liu
1st Place: Kathy Lee
1st Place: Yi-Ann Li
Mrs. Flaska is the Instructional Specialist at
St. Anne School

Thank you
for helping us plan and arrange our venue, St. Anne School.
Dr. Koren Takata, Dr. Ronald Takata

Mrs. Takata was the one who first
Johnny Li to start the
All-Girls tournament.

Since then, Mr. and Mrs. Takata have been actively helping OCMC coordinate the venue and have
worked tirelessly
behind the scenes to make this tournament successful.
Thank you
so much!

Professor Diane Clemens Knott

Our next thank you goes to Professor Diane Clemens Knott.
Thank you
so much for taking the time to come into our tournament today to give such an
inspiring speech!
Mrs. Cassie Fafoutis

Mrs. Fafoutis’s daughter has attended the All-Girl’s Tournament
every year
since the first time it was held.

Thank you so much for helping leading this year’s
amazing bake sale
One More Thank You...

thank you to a volunteer’s mother who has quietly helped at each OCMC tournament and event for the past two years.

OCMC is very
to have many mothers working tirelessly for the cause we all believe in.

Thank you
for supporting your student.

greatly appreciate
all you time and effort.

Without you, this tournament would have been impossible.

really appreciate
you taking time out of your Sunday to come here.
OCMC New Board
- Michelle Chen

- George Hu

- Jennifer McCleary

- Ryan Lim

- Jason Ye
Executive Board:
1. Michelle Chen
2. George Hu
3. Jennifer McCleary
4. Ryan Lim
5. Lia Tian
Santa Anna Math Circle
Rianna Jitosho and Justin Li

Elementary School Math Circle
Jennifer Choi and Daniel Shi

Middle School Math Circle
Michael Wu and Isabelle Zhou

High School Math Circle
Benjamin Chen and Yelena Mandelshtam
Math Team
- Victor Chen
- Eric Xu
AMC Coordinator
- Jaewoo Park

OC Scholar Positions:
OC Scholar Editor-in-Chief

Lia Tian

OC Scholar Managing Editor

Will Rosenthal
Principal Maureen Manion

For the past
5 years
, St. Anne School has been the venue for the All-Girls Math Tournament.

Thank you
so much for working with us and helping make this tournament possible.
We are currently looking for venues for these tournaments in the 2014-2015 school year:

Thanksgiving Tournament
New Year Invitational

Tim Yee
Jack Tam
Tim Balog
Vahishia Paudiwala
Moaty Menshani
Joline Chen
Alisma Joshi
Sreedhas Komatireddy
Laura Caldera
Sarah Etthy
Venkat Parambuatan
Alyssa Boutelle
Arvind Kaushik
Van Luong
Tracey Wie
Chris Baker

Avijit Sen
Hemanshi Patel
Lisa Schoeenhoefer
Daniella Karras
Irene Yeu
Mingxin Li
Selena Kim
Xin Liu
Nazmun Sarker
Jessica Abarca
Annie Park
Mallik Moturi
Sajith Jayasinghe
Rupali Joshi
Marlene Sanders
Karin Cooper
Judy Yang
Michelle Chen
Staphany Hou
Anne Chen
Eric Xu
Victor Chen
Dennis Shim
Olivia Park
Jennifer McCleary
Rianna Jitosho
Jason Ye
Benjamin Chen
Yu Heng Cheng
Daniel Lin
Justin Li
Kristian Vu Bostic
Danny Semeniuta
Anna Lou
Lia Tian
Jenny Choi
Jeyla Aranjo
Angelina Ye
Matthew Park
Benjamin Chang
Frances Loke
Matthew Loke
Jaewoo Park
George Hu
Francis Yang
Michael Wu
Ryan Lim
Will Rosenthal
Isabelle Zhou
Daniel Shi
Angela Dong
Vanishta Pagdiwala
Ellie Brem
Tessa Baker
Cassidy Kao
Ashley Liu
Uma Joshi
Yi-Ann Li
Jennifer Frey
Phoebe Wang
Hannah Li
Katherine McPhie
Jasmine Yang
Frankie Son
Prisha Sadhwani
Kathy Lee
Tiffany Huynh
Sophie Courtney
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