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Book Talk

No description

Katie Szarek

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Book Talk

Book Talk By: Katie Szarek
HM: 604
Ms.Tran Books she wrote Nancy Drew
High Risk Quick Summary ancy Drew A bit about My Opinion The book I chose for book talk is
Nancy Drew, High Risk.

written by:
Carolyn Keene

The genre of my book
is mystery. Book I chose Nancy Drew Carolyn Keene wrote
a series of books and more. Lots about Nancy Drew and otherbooks too. wrote some books about Nancy Drew! Evaline Waters has a problem

Huge corperation suing for land

want to tear down house, build warehouse

Zoning law missing

Ned getting Strange calls

friend of Ned's family, Colonel Lang

offers flying lessons

info from archive missing every time what happens
so far... straight, sholder length dirty blond hair
17 or 18 years old
Lives in River Heights in house with dad
Dad lawyer for Ms. waters Case
Boyfriend: Ned
Two cousins, Bess & George
Loves mysteries
Cant wait to Solve them Favorite part Nancy drew
A Revealing
Conversation PG:105
Chapter 10
A revealing
Conversation Supposed to be staking out Colonel Lang
but he hops in car
Nancy very surprised Nancy Drew Very good book

interesting, she always solves her cases

Police think she sticks her nose in other peoples business

people who like mysteries, crimes, dangerous situations would enjoy this book Rating Out of 5 I would rate this book 4-5. Nancy Drew
High Risk over all good book

satisfying ending

wasn't that cooked on it compared to other books

But I really like it Is when Colonel Lang Hops in Nancy's car. =] Some Characters From High Risk
Nancy Drew Thats Me! Mr. and Ms. Nickerson (Neds Family)
Mr. Safer
Hannah (old friend)
Janice Mallory Main Characters Nancy Drew
Colonel Lang
Bess & George (Nancy's Cousins)
Ms. Waters Chapter 1 vhgjhefkdbggbgh
vchbguybhngtubnhg8ujdijgibgjui!! hghfdhgkfdhgyhdgtkjd
!!!!!! Why I chose
this book. I Mysteries


some times dangerous situations Nancy Drew
High Risk Some Other Books! Nancy Drew Action #6

Secret of the Spa

uncivil acts #10

Stop the clock #12

Pit of Vipers #18 #9 N My Conclusion High Risk
Carolyn Keene rated book 4-5

still keep reading all the books

high risk very funny book

really interested in the mysteries Very good
book =] Book #4 The settings From high
Risk airport

Berrings Antigue Shop

Ms. Waters house written by
Carolyn Keene
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