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Lenovo Prezi

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Duncan Schertler

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Lenovo Prezi

The History of Lenovo Lenovo
The Laptop Company Who does Lenovo Target? Threats to the
Lenovo Company The Management Style of
Lenovo Substitutes in the field of Laptop
computing The Social Responsibility
Policies and Procedures
Upheld by Lenovo In Conclusion: What is the Future of Lenovo? Lenovo is currently working on building an "ecosystem" for the LePhone and LePad in China and expects to expand the market in the next few years.
After over taking Acer and Dell Lenovo's VP says that they plan on advancing not only the PC industry, but also the smartphone, tablet, and smart TV as well.
Lenovo wants to bring the LePhone and LePad to America by the end of next year.
Plans to develop a 27.5 inch gaming tablet are currently underway at Lenovo. History Lenovo the brand is relatively new (2004).
Company has been around since 1984.
Used to be known as Legend Holdings.
Incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988.
Became the largest PC Company in China.
Legend Holdings re-branded as Lenovo in 2004.
In 2005, they bought the Personal Computer Division of IBM. International Expansion Chinese Multinational Technology Firm.
Headquarters(Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina).
Registered office in Hong Kong.
The world's second-largest personal computer vendor by unit sales.
Has operations in more than 60 countries.
Sells its products in around 160 countries.
CEO-YuanQing Yang.
Revenue $29.57 billion (2012).
Employees 27,000 (2012). Interesting Facts Begining:
Founded in Beijingin 1984, by Chuanzhi Liu and 10 others.
Incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988, under its previous name-Legend.

Named Legend for 20 years (in Chinese Lianxiang).
2002 CEO abandon use Legend(expand outside of China).
Announced new name "Lenovo" Apil 2003
Lenovo=Le(legend)+novo(Latin ablative for "new." ) Power Distance at Lenovo Authoritative Management Style:
Decisions are made up by small group of executives, and presents the entire company.
Company operates is based on Chairman's own personal view, which comes from his Chinese culture background.

Hierarchical Structure
Workers are expected to follow orders.
Discouragement of questioning and suggesting new ideas
Consensus style: employees who act of voicing leaders' opinion will be seen as extremely rude and not knowing one's own position. Company Culture Pyramid Structure:
CEO sits at the apex, followed by other directors or executives. Representing a High Power Distance.
Normal employees as seen as lowest class in the company.
Workers are known as "wealth".

The Lenovo Way
Look back and carefully analyze what moves were successful and which one wasn't.

Five P's for company culture
We Plan before we pledge.
We Perform as we promise.
We Prioritize the company first.
We Practice improving every day.
We Pioneer new ideas. How Lenovo Treats its Employees In 1990s, Lenovo guaranteed loans for employees to buy apartments.
Offer free annual oversea trip for retirees since 1990s.
Chairman Liu bought a pig farm for employees to feed their families during Asian Crisis.
"Employee Assistance Program", which provides professional class for workers and helps them to solve any life problems.
Provide "Scholarship Program" for employee's children. Substitutes for Computers, Laptops, and Tablets • Television
News, movies, music, TV drama
• Radio
News, music, airplay
• PS3, PS4 & PSV
Games & video games • Home phone
• Letters
• E-Mails
• Face-to-face communication Substitutes for LePhone In General • Lenovo is committed to building exceptionally engineered PCs, helping change the way people around the world use technology.

• Lenovo embraces the values of customer service, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and integrity.

• Lenovo is committed to ethical corporate citizenship and to promoting sustainability in all of its activities. Social Responsibility & Performance : Sustainability Policy • Social
Provide a safe, healthy, and enriching working environment for our employees.
Be a fair and responsible member of the communities in which we operate.
Work with our supply chain to ensure that Lenovo’s values and expectations are upheld.
Extend the benefits of Lenovo experience, products, and successes to the communities in which we operate and contribute to their development.
As employees and as a company, be ethical and responsible citizens.

• Environmental
Meet or exceed all environmental requirements wherever Lenovo does business.
Maintain an awareness of potential environmental influence and strive to continually reduce the environmental impacts of Lenovo’s operations, products, and services.
Minimize Lenovo’s climate change impact.
Be a responsible steward of resources.

• Economic
Provide long term value for our investors and stakeholders.
Enable our customers to improve their own economic situation by providing the best technology and solutions. Performance Based Responsibilty • Commitment to Quality and Safety(Value!!!)
Lenovo’s global Quality Management System, which has received ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization). certification, ensures the continual delivery of design. improvements into Lenovo’s current and future products.

• Reducing Environmental Impact
Committed to environmental leadership in all of our business activities from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

• Global Supply Chain
Committed to being a responsible and active corporate citizen, consistently working to improve its business while contributing to the development of society.
Embracing the values of customer satisfaction, innovation, operational excellence and trustworthiness. Performance Based Responsibility • Focus on Employee Welfare
"Employees are our greatest asset!!!"
Committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment and equipping employees with products and equipment that are safe for use.
Implementing and improving processes and controls for preventing work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses.

• Maintaining High Ethical Standards
Committed to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility when working with all stakeholders.
Lenovo provides guidance to its employees on a wide range of ethical issues, such as reporting unlawful or inappropriate conduct, respecting and protecting intellectual property, trading in securities and complying with governmental relations. Conclusion Lenovo began as a smaller computer company known as Legend.
By overpowering competitors such as Dell they have advanced rapidly and are now known as one of the best Computer companies.
Some of their largest competitors include Dell, HP, and Acer.
Lenovo targets both professional users, and casual users.
Some of their products are widely regarded as powerful gaming PCs Conclusion Lenovo is Managed with very rigid hierchy.
Employees in the company are expected to follow orders, without question.
Despite the strict "Pyramid Structure" of Lenovo, Executives still care for their employees and often create programs to help them.
Lenovo believes in advancing the industry, not just their products.
Through numerous Policies they attempt to ensure that both their products, and the environment continue to function healthily for many years to come. Hewlett-Packard Company - HP America based, headquarter-Palo Alto, California.

Founders: Bill Hewlett and David Packard in 1939.

It was the world's largest PC vendor by unit sales.

Has strong services and consulting business around its products.

Revenue: $120.357 billion(2012)

Employee:331,800 (2012)

Market Share 15.5%(2012) Dell Inc. American Corporation based in Round Rock, Texas.

Founded by Michael Dell.

One of the largest technological company in the world.

More than 103,300 employees.

Was the 3rd largest PC vendor(after HP and Lenovo).

Dell also sells HDTVs, cameras, printers, MP3 players and other electronics.

Revenue $56.94 billion(2013)

Market share:10.5(2012) Acer Taiwanese corporation (Taipri City).

Founded by Shi Zhenrong in 1976.

Largest franchised computer retail chain in Taipei, Taiwan.

Revenue $16.18 billiom(2011)

Employees: 7757(2011)

Fourth largest PC vendor in the world.

Market share:9.9%(2012) General Target Market PC Users Worldwide
500 million computers in the world.
Perhaps an average of two people using each one.
1 Billion computer users in the world.
Market Segment-Ages
18-35 years old.
Market Segment-Different Groups
Professional users(Business Men , Engineers...)
Normal users(Students, House Hold Users...)
Gamers Differences in Lenovo Products Lenovo ThinkPad for Professtional Users
Lenovo's professional-grade models(high-end).
Users who want a high-end machine.
Processors are powerful for many applications.

Lenovo IdeaPad for Normal Users
Represents Lenovo's lifestyle selection of notebooks.
Not made for business use.
Processors are not powerful enough for many applications.
Write papers, go online and perform other basics tasks.
Cheaper Lenovo for Gamers Essential Series- for gamers and business users.

Useful for everyday computing and multimedia work.

Built-in graphics cards.

Makeing it possible to play graphic-intensive games.

Also places a greater emphasis on style as well. Market Share Lenovo Market Share-15% 2012 Jeff Dugan, Peng Cui, Hengyu Lin, Xiao Liu, and Duncan Schertler • Xbox
Movies, music, TV drama, video games

• Movie theatres & music hall

• Books, newspaper & magazines More Alternatives Lenovo Executive Speaks Lenovo: A Vision of the Future Lenovo: For Those Who Do
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