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The Key Players in Tourism Planning and Development

No description

Enrique Resco

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Key Players in Tourism Planning and Development


Extra Responsibilities of Tourist in Relation to Sustainable Tourism
The Rights of Tourist and the Responsibilities of the Host Community, Government Agencies, and the Tourism Industry
The Key Players in Tourism Planning and Development

of the tourist
Host Community
- are local community, resident community, or destination community
Swasbrooke suggested that a host community is divided into:
elites and the rest of the population
indigenous residents and immigrants
those directly involved in tourism and those
not involved
property owners and property renters
younger people and older people
employers, employees, self employed
those with private cars, those relying on public transportation
affluent and less well of residents
majority communities/ minority communities
The Tourism
Travel Agents and Tour Operators
The Tourism Industry has been blamed for:
Short-term profit rather than long term sustainability
Exploiting the environment and local population rather than conserving them
Being relatively fickle and showing little commitment to particular destinations
Not doing enough to raise tourist awareness of issues such as sustainability
Getting on the sustainability issue when it will produce good publicity
Being increasingly owned and controlled by large transitional corporations who have little regard for individual destination
- Other Players

- NGO`s

- Media
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