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Title IX Passive Programming

No description

Ali Janke

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Title IX Passive Programming

Title IX Passive Programming
Concordia University Wisconsin
Purpose & Strategy
The Campus SaVE Act and Cleary Act requires Higher Ed Institutions to educate students on Sexual Assault and Title IX
BUSY College Students with activities, homework, and social groups!
Many different personalities types
Inform students on the complex issues of Sexual Assault/Violence on College Campuses and Title IX
Students need to feel SAFE, RESPECTED and TRUST the campus
Important Notes!
Concordia University is a LCMS affiliated school
We do not condone sex before marriage
These media examples are meant to prevent sexual assault, not solicit sexual behavior
Our goal is not to disrespect ones believes or ideas
The verbiage and content of the following maybe changed to respect and coincide with our Mission
All content that is displayed publicly on campus will be selected contingent on the Campus Calendar
Posters (continued)
Youtube Videos
Blogs & QR Codes
The Bell Hook Hotline
QR Codes
A Gentleman's Guide to Rape Culture
Know Your Nine
Project Unbreakable on tumblr
Feminist Majority Blog
Listen Girlfriends! on tumblr
1 in 5...
Bulletin Board Ideas
Princess Program & Operation Beautiful
Other Media:
Coasters, Magnets, Stickers, Folders, Door Tags, Mobile App, Anonymous Reporting Site
Calendar of Events
Want to confirm that appearance dates are not overlapping with other Title IX/Sexual Assault Events on campus
When visitors are on campus, verify that displays are appropriate and "softer" in tone so no one is offended
Pair all Holiday/Common 'party' weekends with specific media and increase displays in week prior
When planning Title IX Passive Programming Apperances, there are things to keep in mind: (see campus calendar)
Title IX Passive Programming that is carefully and dilberatly combined with Active Programming Events will result in the best education for students on all levels.

With the examples in this presentation, an institution can tailor its message to its student body while remaining consistent and influencial on all fronts in regards to Sexual Assault on its campus.
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